Navier Gene Dig Up Rock From Last Decade With “Worms” [FEATURE]

When it comes to music, the element of surprise is instrumental; without it, even releases that are abuzz with excitement and anticipation can become flaccid, lifeless and routine. As music critics and music fans alike, it’s the aspect of surprise—the wow or what was that?! Factor—that keeps us coming back. Not every artist seems to know this, and of those that do, even fewer still demonstrate actual use of that knowledge—but the United Kingdom’s Navier Gene not only know about it, they excel at it. What began as the earnest side project from Black Tongue and Infant Annihilator guitarist and songwriter Eddi Pickard, Navier Gene has erupted into an alternative juggernaut, gaining praise and critical acclaim the world over. Furthermore, with their latest single, “Worms,” the band foray even further into unexplored territory, infusing a near overdose of grunge and 90’s tinted nostalgia into a fiercely catchy alternative rock backbone.

“Worms” finds itself at the perfect intersection of contemporary alt-rock and yester-decade’s melancholic, grungy attitude. With colossal production hammering home razor sharp riffs and contagiously catchy hooks, Navier Gene—a band seemingly founded on the word unexpected—continue to keep the listener guessing. While at its most superficial level, “Worms” is a fun, energetic and catchy rock anthem, it is not without substance and depth, both with careful instrumentation and production alongside lyrics that take a tongue-in-cheek look at current rock music as a whole.

Navier Gene’s “Worms” is a huge track, with everything feeling as large as life, full of color and jam-packed with energy. What’s more, the nostalgia lends a familiarity to the song, luring the listener in for a sucker-punch, as Navier Gene continue to push, pull, poke and prod at the limitations of genres within the umbrella term of “alternative rock.” Simply put, Navier Gene and “Worms” are, to their core, DIY—even if it sounds like the type of jam that is bound to sell out entire arenas.

Stream “Worms” on Spotify below, and stay tuned for a visual accompaniment to release from the band in the near future!