NEWS: UK Tech Metal Fest Lineup Announced!


While we’re primarily based in the United States, we here at New-Transcendence are geared towards bringing news about heavy music to people all over the world–and from all over the world. Therefore it only makes sense that, we are incredibly proud to announce that we break the news regarding the lineup of one of the world’s largest festivals for technical, progressive and heavy music, the UK Tech-Metal Fest. Running from the 11th to the 15th of July, the UK Tech-Metal Fest is one of the premiere gatherings for technically awe-inspiring and bone-blisteringly heavy bands in this hemisphere. This years headliners should be no strangers to your ears–the dynamically awe-ensnaring Tesseract, crushing technical deathcore act Veil of Maya, the UK-Exclusive Skyharbor and masters of the progressive metalcore realm, Heart of a Coward will all be there. However, definitely of note is Nexilva, one of the most technically awe-inspiring and back-breakingly heavy acts the UK has to offer. Especially in regards to the abundant progression and technicality–hand in hand with sheer brutality, of course–found on their latest tracks, “Our Progenitor” and “Invasion,” New-Transcendence are certainly excited to see Sunderland’s finest on the big stage, and even more anxious to see what they can do it with.


Check Out Nexilva’s Facebook HERE.

And check out the UKTMF Page HERE.

By: Connor Welsh