Nightmare Canvas: A Fresh Taste of Blackened Death Metal With New Song – “Sister of Sin”

Rising from the grave in Odessa, Texas – The 5-piece outfit, Nightmare Canvas, gives a fresh new take on Blackened Death Metal with their new song, “Sister of Sin“. The track nearly reached six minutes long; full of energy the song doesn’t seem to lose it’s flavor throughout the track. Utilizing screeching highs and impacting lows behind the vocals. “Sister of Sin” constantly provides a steady stream of meticulous riffs and percussion patterns. Beginning with a soft mellow introduction before spread into a firewall of energy. Evolving into their own unique sound from Black Metal world. This is just a small taste of the upcoming album from Nightmare Canvas! You can spin the new song, “Sister of Sin” below! This is one you don’t want to catch the snooze on!

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