NT Cents – akissforjersey – New Bodies – 2014

a2988850360_10   I am not one for taking to a band so quickly, even one that I have never heard, but the guys over at akissforjersey know how to deliver.  The song structure and lay out is just perfect for even the most elitist of critics.  I say this because I mainly review or only love the deathcore scene, but this CD definitely is making me slowly come around to having a higher sound spectrum than just my “corewhore” habits give me.  I strongly recommend you listen to this CD.  New Bones is not a CD you can listen to once, and understand the premise.  I have heard it four times now, and each play it gets better and becomes clearer the sound and concept behind the CD.   I personally am in love with the song DeathEater, but that’s just my “corewhore” talking there.  As the CD clocks in a little over 35 minutes I would definitely say the transition from post-hardcore to a more alternative hardcore is the key aspect in the direction the CD is going.  The emotion though behind each song is what grows me close to the CD.  I can actually feel the passion and love that has been rendered into this CD.  The song structures change as you begin the journey through the listening of New Bodies.  I would guarantee that you will not be able to put this CD down or want to.  In the end, I am going to picking this CD up upon release date to show my passion and genuine hospitality for releasing this.