NYC’s VRSTY Remain “Shameless”, Announce New EP, “Cloud City”

New beginnings are something that NYC’s VRSTY have been used to for quite some time. After several line-up changes, multiple producers and even a few changes in their sound, they’ve returned with what is poised to be their best material yet! Today, the group announced that they’ve signed a deal with Spinefarm Records/Universal Music Group (Dayseeker, Sleep Token, Atreyu, While She Sleeps, etc) and released their first taste of new music with “Shameless.” Recorded in Nashville, TN with Andrew Baylis, this track comes out of the gate swinging with vocalist Joey Tyler’s cry of “GO ON AND BURY ME,” forcing the listener to start headbanging, as chugging guitars overlay pounding bass and monolithic drumming. The group now consists of Joey Tyler Varela (Vocals), Javy Dorrejo (Bass/Screams), Paul Gregory (Guitar) and Chris Cody (Drums.) Their cohesiveness as a unit is immediately evident throughout the track.

After a quick breakdown sends the listener flying through the wall, the track fades back into R&B style vocals , as Varela weaves a tale of lies, manipulation and desire, fueling a toxic relationship. As the chorus kicks in, pop sensibilities turn the track into an instant earworm. In the bridge, Varela’s higher side of his vocal range is displayed beautifully. In addition, Dorrejo adds some echoed screams, which give the track a more traditional post-hardcore feel. The video, shot by Christian Lawrence, does an excellent job of visual story-telling and was expertly crafted.

In addition to the announcement of their signing, the group will release Cloud City, their new EP on December 4th. It will consist of 5 new songs, along with a re-recorded version of fan-favorite “Wilt” and a remix of the song, including Keyed Up‘s Gina Fritz. Stay tuned for much more info, including pre-orders in the near future. Until then, be sure to spread the word and get aboard the hype train for what will surely be one of the best EPs to come out of 2020!

1. Massive
2. Dig
3. Shameless
4. Pathos
5. Cloud City
6. Wilt
7. Wilt [Cloud City Edition] (ft. Gina Fritz)

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