Oceans of Illusions release their heavy hitting new song “Ümvelt”

Spawning on the coastal lines of New Jersey comes a heavy hitting deathcore group known by the name of Ocean of Illusions. The deathcore group first appeared in 2015 with their debut album “High Tides” before taking things behind the scenes until 2017. Ocean of Illusions resurfaced in 2017 with their single “Arboreal Hatred”, and with their return from their two year hiatus came a reinvented and determined Ocean of Illusions. The group continued to improve upon themselves while growing a dedicated fan-base. Ocean of Illusions set out to release their self-titled EP not long after the release of “Arboreal Hatred”, and with this EP came a heavy hitting set of songs that made me fall in love with the music these guys create. The heavy hitting band kept up to speed with the pandemic in 2020 with the release of “Vile Extortion”, and showed there is more to come. The New Jersey heavy hitters have finally unveiled their new song “Ümvelt” and music video to go alongside the release. Ocean of Illusions kick the song off with a progressive ambient intro that forms into the kick-off point for the rest of the song, and when it kicks off it loses no momentum. The song is accompanied by a well shot music video with the feeling and vibes of a horror flick with visual conceptualization.

Ocean of Illusions have no plans to let off the gas with a brand new album titled “Unrecognizable” set to drop next year!