October Monthly! My Top 5

So I had to really stroke my beard on this one, as it did not come easy. However, I have finally composed my list of favorite releases for October. Granted there have been many releases this October, I have found these five to be most exceptional among them in my book. And believe me, this was not an easy choice to make, especially these top 3.



Certainty this release holds place at #1 on my list, and for good reason. The 1st song off the album is “stand up”, well do it, they have earned it with this Self-titled debut album. If you haven’t heard them yet, well stop what you are doing and start living.


chasing safety

It was not easy for me to decide between Taylor Swift (listed below) and this one, However, Chasing Safety takes second on my list for this month. The bands Album “Season of the Dead” holds strong on my personal playlist. The added styles of multiple talents such as Garret Rapp of The Color Morale, Kyle Birhle of Sirens, and Sailors, and Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills, make this album truly a great addition to 2014 in my books.



Taylor Swift released her highly anticipated, record breaking, 5th album “1989”. This album deserves a listen with its change up, or rather, “a new soundtrack”. You know what, that’s okay Taylor, we might just love this more. Congratulations on finding your sound kid, this is where you belong. “I can dance to this beat” and I will be for a while, no shame.



I mean come on its The Acacia Strain, do I really need to say more? Well in case I do, I will say that, this album wasn’t easy to place at 4th. “Coma Witch” has every reason for you to take a listen, if you have not already, and even if you have, listen again.


Fav Weapon

Unfortunately, this album did make the bottom of my top 5. Although that is the case, I still find this album to be a considerably great find and release for 2014. This album “Sixty Saragossa” was, to be honest, the first time I have even heard Favorite Weapon. Which makes me ask myself if I have been living under a rock. Sadly I have not, however I am glad I found this album, it has definitely made me a fan.