Outlaws & Prodigals EP – Kiros: REVIEW

Band: Kiros (Facebook)
Album: Outlaws and Prodigals EP
Buy: iTunes
Rating: 4/5

1. Outlaws and Prodigals

2. Desperation Calls
3. Outlaw and Prodigals (Acoustic)
Kiros are a breath of fresh air to the Christian rock scene. Whereas most Christian rock bands tend to want to cover old hymns and worship songs, Kiros isn’t like the rest. Their new 3-song EP, Outlaws and Prodigals is 2 tracks of original music that shares the message of Christ in a fun way. The lyrics seem to be about the struggle that all Christians face. That is, to stay true to your religion when things get rough.
Key Track:
Desperation Calls: This is my favorite track on the album. It’s a message about how Christ is our strength when everything else seems to fall apart. “You are my all, always there to break my fall and the rescuer when desperation calls.” This serves as a message to not get down on yourself when things aren’t going your way, but instead, pray about it and remember that the Lord is looking down on you.
Final Thoughts:
There aren’t very many Christian rock albums that impress me now-a-days due to the fact many bands tend to do the cover thing, but this is an exception. I’m not knocking Christian rock because alot of these bands do a wonderful job on the covers. It’s great to hear some originality in a genre that seemed to be losing it. I definitely recommend this EP to anyone of any age. It has something everyone can enjoy! Pick up Outlaws and Prodigals, out now on Ain’t No Grave Records!

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