OVERCOAST Releases Anthemic Pop-Punk Debut LP ON BROKEN GLASS

Alternative Punk band Overcoast has just dropped their debut album On Broken Glass. The eight-track LP is a fresh collection of modern pop-punk and alternative rock tracks featuring the singles “Don’t Fall Apart” and “Cigarettes”.

“Don’t Fall Apart,” stays true to the bands’ pop-punk roots, down to the crunchy guitar riffs, distinct vocal delivery, and “whoa-oa” choruses reminiscent of influences like MXPX and Green Day. “’Don’t Fall Apart’ tells the story of two people who are feeling beaten down by life in their own unique ways, but somehow feel the same,” says the band. “We hope to convey a message of hope and let the listener know that they aren’t alone in whatever battles they face in their daily life. This song was one of the first we wrote for this record, and quickly became a favorite of everyone in the band.”

Overcoast began in 2018 as a group of friends playing in a basement. After realizing their shared appreciation for melodic punk rock from all eras, they soon set out to write the music that they wanted to hear. On Broken Glass, which is now playing across all digital streaming platforms, is a collection of anthemic songs documenting their experiences during stressful pandemic times. Overcoast uses catchy hooks, driving energy, and witty lyrics to deliver accessible tunes to fans of a wide array of musical genres.

Stream the On Broken Glass now on Spotify or hear “Don’t Fall Apart” on YouTube below: