Overthrone Is One Of The Next Big Metalcore Bands, Check Out Their New Song – “Omissions”

Residing in Birmingham, United Kingdom – Overthrone is an ambitious driven Metalcore outfit in the likes of Wage War, Fit For A King, and Gideon. The 5-piece outfit has just released their magnificent new song, ‘Omissions‘, and it’s hitting like a freight train! The heavy hitting song provide four minutes and twenty-two seconds of pure passion driven music. The song itself is well rounded and structured. Combining heavy hitting verses with soaring choruses – “Omissions” is the staple point for this group at this very moment. Showcasing their raw talent and creative writing abilities molded with amazing production leads us with a small taste of what’s to come from these United Kingdom heavy hitters. The group has released one full length album titled, “Evolve or Decay“, in 2018! “Omissions” paints a very vivid picture of the path this band is looking to take as a group of musicians. New Transcendence had the honor to sit and talk with the group about some of their upcoming plans and endeavors;

What are your plans for the near future?
Our plan at the moment is to grow as a band in every way we can, through promoting our latest single, Omissions and playing shows anywhere we can. We’ve put a lot of heart into our music and just want to share it with the world. 

Are you working on an album or EP?

We are! Although we are undecided about what the next release is going to be. The music industry has changed so much in recent years and as a band we are changing with it and trying to think carefully about what we release, how and when. But we are heading back into the studio later this year so one way or another we will be more music.

Who’s all apart of Overthrone?

Overthrone is made up of 5 friends from Birmingham, UK. Jimmy Dahmer (Vocals), Joe Morton (Bass & Vocals), Rob Steele (Guitar & Vocals), Luke Thompson (Guitar) and Josh Moran (Drums)

What bands have you pulled inspiration from?

When we started Overthrone, we all seemed to be in a place where Metalcore was the genre that spoke to us the most. Bands like Fit For a King, Wage War and The Ghost Inside were on heavy rotation on most of our personal playlists. But we’re also inspired by music from our younger days and I think you can hear those influences creeping in from time to time.

Favourite song you’ve written as a band?

This is a tough question because if you ask any one of us which our favourite song is, you’ll most likely get 5 different answers. But we’re honestly so proud of Omissions, which is the first the song we wrote after the release of our debut album [Evolve or Decay]. We’ve really stepped up our game in terms of writing and as a result of touring our first album, learned more about what works and what doesn’t, what we enjoy playing night after night and what stands the test of time. We’ve dropped Omissions in the set on our recent shows, the reception has been great and we’re having a blast playing it!
(Since I’m [Joe] answering this question, I will tell you that one of my personal favourites is 918, it absolutely slaps from start to finish).

How did it all start?

We’ve all been in bands of varying success levels since we were kids. Most Notably Luke (guitar) and Josh (drums) who were in the band Aurora. They signed to In At The Deep End Records and enjoyed a number of successful years on the UK metal circuit. With the exception of James, we’ve known each other for a number of years and occasionally jammed together but had all put music on the back burner as we focused on getting married, having kids and starting our own businesses etc. In 2017, Rob, Luke and Joe started making music in a band with 3 other friends, but it never really took off and they decided to call it a day. After that disbanded, they decided to recruit Luke’s former band mate, Josh on drums and started writing music with the intention of taking it further and began holding Auditions. Enter James. He rolled into the rehearsal room as casual as you like and as soon as the band started playing, laid down the most brutal vocals we’d heard in a long time. It didn’t take long to decide he was the man for the job!

Are you guys gearing up for some live shows?

Yes! We’ve got shows in the UK coming up with After the Burial, From Sorrow to Serenity, Ghost Iris and Boarders and we’re currently putting together some tour dates for later in the year, which we will be revealing very soon…

Is there anything you’d like to mention?

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for upcoming shows in your town, we promise to deliver every single time!


We’ll be keeping a keen eye on these guys and their progress as a band! You can hear this piece of rejuvenated Metalcore right here:

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