Palaye Royale; Fever Dream North American Tour

Palaye Royale, Canadian Rock band from Las Vegas, entered their new era, Fever Dream. They announced their Worldwide Tour (Fever Dream Tour 2022-2023) with Special Guests, Scene Queen, and Mod Sun. I was also able to catch opening act, Starbenders for the North American Tour portion. This tour would start on September 13th in Pheonix, AZ. The tour would go through three dates in Texas, before hitting Tampa, Fl. The tour would then move to Atlanta, GA just before hitting Boston, MA. Boston and Philidelphia’s dates would not feature Mod Sun. The tour would move through the states towards the West Coast. The Fever Dream Tour will end on October 18th in San Francisco, CA. (Upcoming dates can be found below & tickets can be found here:


Palaye Royale faced several challenges on their Fever Dream tour. From 3 buses breaking down, 1 trailer, 2 uhaul’s, 1 Penske, over 10 flights, trains, and multiple ubers, their journey would still continue to try the boys on the road. The band’s trailer would soon get a snapped axel, leaf spring, and wheel. Palaye Royale did have to cancel a show due to Remington having Strep throat. They were visited by doctors that provided the boys with IV drips and they were able to catch up on rest to get back on their feet. Palaye Royale tweeted: Sept. 28th: “We are sorry to inform you that we are canceling the show in Newport, Kentucky. Remington has strep throat – never ever cancel shows but a lot of shows ahead of us & after the nightmare of bus breakdowns, flights, uhauls, etc we are truly not well. We will have details of refund.” “The only thing in this world that truly keeps us going as a band is you all. So we are sorry to let you down by canceling a show. It is something we never want to do but it is a downward spiral of shitty situations. We promise to be back at it after Remington goes to the doctor”. Through all these challenges Palaye Royale would prove that they are a force to be reckoned with and would show this tour that they are not stopping.


The band is putting out their album, Fever Dream October 28th, 2022. You can preorder their album here: Fans attending the Fever Dream tour were hoping and anticipating the band playing songs from their new album. The setlist for this tour was: 1. “Nightmares”, 2. “You’ll Be Fine”, 3. “No Love In LA”, 4. “Fucking With My Head”, 5. “Hang On to Yourself”, 6. “Get Higher”, 7. “Paranoid”, 8. “Broken”, 9. “Dying in a Hot Tub”, 10. “Punching Bag”, 11. “Mr. Doctor Man”, 12. “Fever Dream”, and closing out the set, “Lonely”. Palaye Royale gave the fans exactly what they wanted, and played their Title Track, “Fever Dream”. The crowd response to hearing the new songs off the album live for the first time was very positive.

Palaye Royale put on an absolutely incredible show. The energy within this band is unmatched. The live performance that the guys put on is unlike any other show I have seen this year. This was a very well put together tour. The lineup was above a beyond my expectations. This was the first time I have seen their opening act, Starbenders. They are a super powerful band that took me back in time to the 80’s. This style of music and their style themselves fit in seamlessly with Palaye Royale. I’d say a match made in musical heaven. Next in line was Scene Queen. This is a massively entertaining and society bending band. Their style of music is known for coining the style “Bimbocore”, a subgenre of metalcore with feminist themes which was coined by female frontwoman, Hannah Collins. Mod Sun was out next to hit the stage. Mod Sun had so much energy and love in his performance, full of joy and admiration for the fans that came out to this tour. The energy within this show never dropped. You could feel the energy powering through the floor beneath our feet.

The time had come and Palaye Royale were ready to hit the stage. The boys came out with a super high level of charisma and readiness to give the fans in the crowd the best night of their lives. From the first song to the very last note, this band was on their A-game. Looking around and seeing the crowd absorbing every second of their performance was a beautiful sight to see. From ear-to-ear smiles, to fan sing-alongs, to faces full of tears. Several fans at the barricade during the end of the set by Palaye Royale were sobbing with tears of pure passion and love for this band. The connection that this band has to their fans is unreal. They are so invested in their fans and their feelings, their needs, their wants, their love and passion for the band. Remington, Lead singer, commented during their set that they have the most loyal, creative, and dedicated fans in the scene. Every other act from the night also made comments on how committed, devoted and incredible Palaye Royale’s fan base is. You could see costumes, over the top makeup looks, fan signs, posters, and much more spanning the venue. I love the level of commitment that their fan base takes. It’s incredible to see the amount of time and effort their fans put in to make these outfits, to do their makeup the way they do, and to see them come together and make banners for the band.

The show was sure to make everyone that attended feel like they had someone there for them even if they were alone. Each and every single band made it a point to make everyone feel welcome and like one massive family. Pride flags were flying high. Scene Queen let the audience in on the fact that she herself is part of the LGBT community. She even asked one of the fans if she could keep a Pride flag that was thrown on stage during her performance. Mod Sun, also making it very clear that we are all there to love each other and to take care of each other, that we are all family, and he was thankful to be there with his fans that night, in that moment. Palaye Royale, no strangers to making their audiences feel right at home, also showed their support for the LGBT community and also had the Pride flag flying during their set.

I was lucky enough to cover the Tampa, Fl date. Coverage and Photography provided by me. Photos from the show from The Ritz, Ybor, Tampa, Fl can be found below. I am very thankful to the bands and the crew for having me out and showing me a great experience. The venue and the staff were also amazing. I would like to thank venue security for keeping myself and fans safe. The Fever Dream tour is not a tour you should sleep on. If you can see any of these bands live, do so. Any chance you get to purchase tickets and attend a Palaye Royale show, I highly recommend it. Palaye Royale is a band that is on a massive come up and I see unbelievable things coming for them in the future.

Upcoming US Tour Dates:

The Rave / Eagles Club @ 7:00pm
Mod Sun

The Admiral Theater @ 7:00pm
Mod Sun

Summit Music Hall @ 7:00pm
Mod Sun

Showbox SoDo @ 7:00pm
Mod Sun

Roseland Theater @ 7:00pm
Mod Sun

Cargo @ 7:00pm
Mod Sun

Ace Of Spades @ 7:00pm
Mod Sun

The Fillmore @ 7:00pm
Mod Sun

When We Were Young 2022 @ 12:00pm

When We Were Young 2022 @ 12:00pm