Patient Sixty-Seven release their deluxe edition of “Home Truths”

Perth metalcore band Patient Sixty-Seven has gained a lot of momentum in the last year. The band produces a clean metalcore sound with aggressive drives inside the verses. The mantra for the group is heavy music with a meaning, and they do it well. Patient Sixty-Seven has just unleashed their new deluxe edition for their 2020 EP “Home Truths“. The newly released deluxe edition holds a collection of new songs such as “Antithesis”, “Antisocial”, and “Stay Paranoid”. The album also features stripped down versions of a few songs. Patient Sixty-Seven enlisted the help of Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens to help with the stripped down songs. The final touch to the album is an instrumental for each song. Patient Sixty-Seven has gained momentum for their solid execution and unique songwriting. The band is a natural at expressing emotions with their music. Patient Sixty-Seven has enjoyed over 2 million streams on their music in the last year. The deluxe edition is a nice step for the band, highlighting how far they’ve came since their original EP released.