A Perfect Combination Between Electronic And Metalcore Meet With By Will Alone

Throughout the recent years an electronic mixture has faded from the presence of Metalcore, however, By Will Alone has formulated the perfect combination between modern Metalcore and an Electronic blend. Adding to the sheer emotion By Will Alone holds very dear in their music. Spawning in Israel the started off at early 2013 with their first EP ‘Towers‘! The up and coming outfit has recently released their newest full length album, “Cult of the Like”, and it further innovates the unique and modern sound By Will Alone has crafted together. The album features Luke Griffin (Acrania), Rok Rupnik (Within Destruction), Andrew Zink (BROJOB) and Casey Tyson-Pearce (AngelMaker

Combining Post-Hardcore, Metalcore, and electronic elements By Will Alone has stumbled upon quite a unique blend of musical elements. Hear for yourself!


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Check out ‘Cult of the Like‘ below:


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