Philadelphia Hip-Hop Prodigy Dylan Andre Announces New Album, “Psycho Theory” out June 1st

Philadelphia Hip-Hop Prodigy Dylan Andre Announces New Album, Psycho Theory, out June 1st

Album Teaser Trailer(s) Premiering, Signed Pre-Order Bundles Available Now

Dylan Nathaniel Andre, also known as DNA is an independent hip-hop artist on another level. Not only has he been featured on America’s Got Talent but his acoustic cover of Eminem‘s “Rap God” went viral (over a million views on combined social media, including being ripped and embedded on other websites like well-known entertainment site, Break). Each and every piece of content he releases is 100% self-made by he and his wife, Laresa, and can stand toe-to-toe with the biggest in the game. Forced to grow up way too fast, his mother was a victim of crippling alcoholism and he spent most of his time taking care of her. Due to the instability in his life, he was subjected to mental and physical abuse his entire life, sending him into a deep depression and creating a volatile state in his head. Once his (now late) childhood friend helped him realize how much of a danger he was to himself (as well as others), he  checked into Resolutions Psychiatric Center in Santa Monica, leaving his music career on hold for the time being. After five years of self-reflection, a marriage and a general committal to getting his life together, he picked the mic back up and here we are.

June 1st, Andre will finally release his debut album, Psycho Theory Currently, there are two teaser trailers that have been premiered on his social media channels. The first, borrowing from the album opener, “Click,” sees Andre channeling a more aggressive side of his talent, reminiscent of a young Eminem, with a modern vibe. The second trailer, borrowed from “Another Level,” has more of an emotional, angsty side to it and is even surrounded by a more melancholic beat. Ever-poised to let the world know his name, this track begins to explore the things he dealt with in his life, to this point. While a full album review for Psycho Theory looms around the corner next week, we urge you to take the chance and pre-order it ahead of time. This album personifies everything that Andre represents and represents everything that I, personally, enjoy about the hip hop genre. Vicious flows, hard-hitting and truthful lyrics and beats that will have you bouncing along with them. They call NF the next Eminem in the mainstream but there is only one DNA and you’ll soon see why he will rise to legend status, given due time. Psycho Theory is available for pre-order via his website now, where you can find merch bundles as well as signed copies.

“Click” Teaser Trailer

“Another Level” Teaser Trailer

Track List:
1. “Click” – 3:09
2. “Another Level” – 3:00
3. “Relentless” – 2:46
4. “Not As I Do” – 3:22
5. “Legend” – 3:42
6. “Look At Me” – 3:57
7. “Down I Go” – 3:30
8. “Back Then” – 3:54
9. “Too Late to Run” – 4:00
10. “Insanity” – 2:07

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