Poynte Release Music Video for “Hold On”

POYNTE 2015-Photo by Keith Minor

Atlanta, GA – Modern rockers POYNTE have released their debut music video for Hold On. Their first single from the THC : Music release, titled Discreet Enemy.

After surviving a horrific scissor lift accident which left him with a titanium jaw, POYNTE vocalist Kenny Hathorne is a living testament to the inspiring lyrics of Hold On. Kenny poured his heart and soul into developing a song that conveyed not only his determination, but his will to rise above his tragedy. Hold On is the end result. It’s a song about believing in yourself and never giving up on your own dreams. Staying the course, no matter the obstacles you encounter on your journey.

When asked what the song meant to him personally, Kenny spoke candidly of his own journey, “Living with the pressure that life hands us, it’s easy to fall into a routine and chase stability. We are in fact, creatures of habit. Most simply leave their dreams to fade away.” He continues, “After my accident, I had countless hours, weeks, even months to reflect on what I had been through. To say that time was difficult, would be a massive understatement, but I realized that I had to overcome; If for nothing more than my own sanity. During this time, there was a moment when my dreams became my goals. My mindset changed from; I want this, to, I will do this. I wanted to capture that emotion, that moment. Hold On, is a song that I hope can help others make that change, without the tragedy. If I break through to one individual; the pain, the suffering, the emotional roller coaster, will all be worth it.

Hold On has since been adapted by POYNTE as their own battle cry and their hope is that the song serves as an inspiration to others to follow their hearts and for them to Hold On to their own dreams.

When asked about what the band hopes the video means to individuals, Bassist Jake O’Donnell added, “I hope it inspires people to never settle and always fight for what they want. It’s the very reason why we, especially Kenny, are here today. We have our dream and everything we do is our momentum towards making it happen.

The video was shot in true DIY fashion over several days in Georgia and features individuals who were asked to share their dreams. The end result is a video that the band is extremely proud of and one that captures the message perfectly.

Guitarist Brett Davis added, “Hold On, to me, is a song that should light a fire for our generation. Everyone these days, they’re settling for mediocrity and forgetting that this nation was built by those that chased their dreams. People that let nothing stop them from achieving those dreams. It’s your life, you shouldn’t let anything hinder you from reaching upward and grabbing ahold of what you want out of this life. Really, the underlying theme of the album is this; Hold On to your dreams and don’t let them Take Control. It’s your life.