Versus Me Premieres Futuristic Lyric Video for New Single “EXP”

Versus Me Premieres Futuristic Lyric Video for New Single “EXP”
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If you haven’t had the pleasure of being introduced to Janesville, WI’s Versus Me, please allow us the opportunity to do that for you now. In collaboration with Ghost Killer Entertainment, we’re excited to bring you the futuristic lyric video for their new single, “EXP!” “EXP” sees the band expanding on the signature post-hardcore sound that they created with their debut album, Changes, but also sees them stepping in a new direction. Founded by current Alesana guitarist Patrick Thompson and also featuring the immense talent of James and Lee Milbrandt (ex-Serianna) along with the incredibly gifted Clint Greendeer, Versus Me is the band that the post-hardcore scene needs and 2017 is going to be the year that they see their rise to stardom. Fresh off a tour with Revival Recordings bands Famous Last Words and The Funeral Portrait, they’re ready to begin this new chapter and it’s quite clear that this is only the beginning. Unclean vocalist James Milbrandt finds himself digging deeper into his lower, more guttural range, while Thompson has honed his singing to a fine point. You can check out the lyric video below:

On the release of “EXP,” Patrick had this to say: EXP is short for experience points, like in any video game where your character gains experience points. The song is about seeking a life ripe with experience instead of living only for what you’re told you should want. When you watch any sports of any kind the commercials are brainwashing. So many people base their lives on fitting that mold.

Follow the band on their social media pages and look for an exclusive interview with Patrick which will give you more into as to what they’re up to for 2017! One thing’s for sure… they’re a band to watch this year!

“EXP” (Official Lyric Video)

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