Presenting Dear Universe: An Introspective/Hopeful Experience from FELICITY


1. Carpe Diem
2. Ignite
3. Hit and Run
4. Pendulum
5. Ghost Town
6. You Got This
7. The Weather
8. Wish You Weren’t Here
9. Lonely Nights
10. Highs & Lows
11. C’est La Vie

It’s not often these days that a pop-punk band can impress me. This genre music is known for being very tongue-in-cheek, fun and catchy but there is little that sets each band apart from the next. Enter up-and-comers, FELICITY, and their explosive debut album, Dear Universe. This album couples the intensity of hard/alternative rock, catchy nature of pop-punk and seals it all with an emotional story-telling experience that (let’s face it) can only be found in this genre. This molotov cocktail of cacophonous bliss is affectionally referred to as “trash rock” and, while the name may suggest otherwise… you’d be wise not to toss this one out. For those who aren’t aware of the band’s history: Months after forming in 2013, the band played their local stop of Vans Warped Tour, which was only their fourth show as a band. Shortly after, they played alongside bands like Fall Out Boy and Weezer at The Big Orlando Festival before having their music featured everywhere from Fox Sports to MTV’s The Challenge. After a trio of EP’s – Felicity (2015), Brace Yourself (2016) & Old Habits (2019) the band entered the studio with Andrew Wade to create what would be their most ambitious collection of songs yet. *(description partially pulled from press release, courtesy of Big Picture Media.)*

The album builds on the opening, “Carpe Diem,” a pulse-pounding track that sets the stage of what’s to come. The moment that “Ignite the Fire” begins, you know you’re in for something special and by the second chorus, you’ll find yourself subconsciously singing along. Riff-heavy and driving, this track is only a taste of what’s to come. Just when you think you’ve got them figured out, they pull out songs like “You Got This.” This track dials it back a bit, trading out electric guitars for acoustic, spotlighting vocalist Damien Fagiolino before building into a soaring chorus, complete with choral-like chanting. It gets better, though, a trap-like beat underlies the final chorus before fading out which really makes it stand out.

Alternatively, there are heavier, more aggressive tracks like “Hit and Run” and “Pendulum,” both of which feature screaming vocals and bitter lyrics. Understandably, as these tracks both deal with relationships going up in flames. These are tracks that would do well paired with bands like I Prevail, SAUL and Atreyu who are all known for creating music on the heavier end of the spectrum. They also have a theatrical nature to them, which lends well to the sound they’ve managed to create here. Indie vibes pepper the chorus to “The Weather,” another clear stand-out track.

The album closes on “C’est La Vie,” which has lyrics that lend to the album’s title. Flowing effortlessly through a sea of emotion, electronics and feel-good nature, this track is in the perfect spot on this album.

Dear Universe is more than a collection of songs, it’s a hopeful/introspective experience that has something for everyone. An explosive, refreshing take on a genre rife with mediocrity. It’s a testament to the band’s blood, sweat, tears and experience that they aren’t to be taken lightly. More than that, it’s easily one of the best albums to be released this year. Pick up your copy of Dear Universe on Adventure Cat Records today! If you’re in FL, be sure to join them for their album release party (details below!)



Andrew Rapier – Guitar 
Cory Nicholas – Guitar 
Damien Fagiolino – Vocals 
Mike Alosa – Bass 
Tyler Dennett – Drums