Prospect Hill Release “Celebrate”

Boston, Massachusetts – Prospect Hill gives their anthemic salute to a timely manner in their single “Celebrate”. When the grunge rock sound matters most, Prospect Hill delivers the emotion-filled rock song that moves their fans in the days of pandemic and social media to answer the question that begs to be answered, ” Why you gotta be so angry? ” Prospect Hill is resoundingly clear as their message strongly relays of why we got to “Celebrate”.

The Massachusetts band’s new single “Celebrate” was created in collaboration between Prospect Hill, writer/ producer Shaun Lichtenstein (Pop Evil, Lansdowne), and writer Producer Jim Foster (P.O.D, Nullset)Prospect Hill drummer Roberge was inspired to author the lyrics based on his opinion of what the world looks like through the lens of social media. The lyrics paint a picture of the vanity and the over politically charged platform that we have all grown to participate in – in one way or another. However, with everyone showing their differences of opinion and social stature, it only reveals how much we are all the same; death will come for all of us one day and that we should all take social media with a grain of salt and continue to live happy, ‘celebrated’ lives.

Musically, the band wanted to honor the grunge and rock sounds they all grew up on; taking influence from Nirvana, Deftones, and the like, as well as incorporating the staples of their sound that their fans have grown to love them for.

Prospect Hill feels that in these uncertain times of the pandemic, this song has never been more relevant as the increased activity on social media platforms shines an even bigger spotlight on the way we interact with one another in the digital world. Being able to step back from the noise and be happy. “Celebrate” is more important than ever and the band hopes their existing fans (and new fans to come) will find that message in the track.

The song was recorded and produced by OH NO! ØKTAPUS & Doc. Dand Mixed and Mastered by Shaun Lichtenstein @ Red 13 Studios in Framingham, MA.


This new single “ Celebrate ” is the culmination of that down time, frustration, and eagerness to get the engine reignited. The band is currently writing for a new EP and will plan to tour once the pandemic is over.