PVRIS’s White Noise


As someone who likes his music on a little bit of the heavier side, I rarely find an album such as this to be of my liking, that being said, I suppose it goes without saying that this album is worth a listen? If you answered yes, then you are correct, this album is perfection. PVRIS has officially released their White Noise album, the band from Massachusetts first full length album since their signing to the powerhouse indie label Rise Records, on November 4, 2014.

PVRIS-White Noise

PVRIS, pronounced “Paris”, is a band that has grown with amazing talent since their formation in 2012. Yes, that’s right, the band has only been as this entity for a few years! They must be doing something right, wouldn’t you think? It’s clearly noticeable that this trio as something that sets them apart. So what makes this band so exceptional? What sets this band apart from other female fronted bands like Paramore, EchoSmith or even Halestorm?

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 PVRIS, fronted by the shocking Lynn Gunn,makes a change that the ears can’t seem to get enough of. The bands pop rock twist and synths make you soon realize that you are in her house, and don’t want to get out. “My house” in which, if you did not already know, I just referenced, is the second single that the band had released prior to the albums drop and the third song off of White Noise. The way My House was written you can tell this song has meaning and you can feel the anger in Lynn Gunn’s voice on this track, as I said before, this album is perfection. So again, what sets this band aside from others?


 This three piece set down the guitars and traded in for synths on the melodies and a little pop and bass with Lynn’s voice and you got yourself something that could possibly be the first female band to make a large scale change in female fronted music since Joan Jett hit the scene. In closing rather the bands destined to be accepted by both the worlds of pop and rock shall be seen in due time, however this reviewer sure hopes so.