Reconcera Explodes Back into Action with Promising New Single, “Sea of Clouds”

Reconcera Explodes Back into Action with Promising New Single, “Sea of Clouds”
Sophomore Album, Tongues, Set for Release on November 6th

A lot can happen in two years time. That is doubly true for the life of a musician because, in this time, one can find themselves exploring different musical influences and evolving their sound. For MO’s Reconcera, the evidence of the blood, sweat and tears they poured into their career is apparent in their new music. Today, the band is proud to release “Sea of Clouds,” the first single from their forthcoming, sophomore full-length, Tongues. It kicks into high gear, starting off with an explosive volley of screams from vocalist Joshua Smith. If you listen to the vocals displayed on Absolve:Vindicate, their debut album, compared to what you hear on this track… the contrast is night and day. Here, we experience a fuller, deeper range of screams as well as a much more well-rounded clean vocal section. It’s not just the vocals, though. The delivery on each lyric and the emotion put into them is breathtaking.

Something else that will catch your ear is their ability to build the track to a climax and send you into a whirlwind of emotion. The track explodes into full force, easing into a catchy, soaring chorus and tops it off with a crescendo-ed piano/keyboard section that carries with it a melancholic and immediate atmosphere.

This is Reconcera returning, bringing their “A-game” with them and letting the world know that they mean business. If “Sea of Clouds” is any indication into what Tongues holds in store… consider this writer fully sold. Tongues will be self-released on November 6th, pre-orders can be found at the links below and you can also check out the music video for “Sea of Clouds.” Be on the lookout for something else from these guys, in relation to the release, in the coming days/weeks. For now, turn this track up to 11 and pre-order your copy!

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