Reminiscent About Life Before Children? TLE Has Got the Song for You! Dad Punk Lives with Announcement of Long-Awaited Debut Album

Dad Punk – pop punk music about the pitfalls, perils and joys of being a father. The idea was brought to life by long-time friends Shawn Milke and Nick Onorato and their project known as TLE. While TLE (formerly known as The Legitimate Excuse) started years ago, human evolution tends to create different perceptions of current states of life and thus “Dad Punk” was born. Everyone who is a parent knows exactly what it’s like to reminisce about the days when you could sleep as long as you want, do whatever you want and not have to worry about the hectic, schedule-keeping that is being a parent. Today, you’re in for a treat because TLE has just the song for that! “Destination, Beautiful” is all about dreaming about wanting to go back in time and enjoy life before those chaotic bundles of joy arrived in the world.

The song comes from the band’s long-awaited debut album, I Can’t Listen to All of You At Once which will be released on April 23rd, via Revival Recordings. The announcement of the album comes after years of struggles and, of course, COVID-related delays but promises to be well worth the wait, if you’ve enjoyed the plethora of material you’ve heard from the band over the past year or so. There are numerous features from other dad friends (such as Jaret Reddick of Bowling For Soup). New Transcendence is proud to bring you the premiere of the official stream video for “Destination, Beautiful” which accompanies the official album artwork, pre-order links and track list below! The following is a statement from the band themselves:

“We are excited to announce that our album, I Can’t Listen to All of You at Once has officially been vaccinated and is no longer a COVID threat.  With this news, we are FINALLY making it available to our fans for purchase.  However, other side effects you may experience after purchasing our album, such as, cooties, child moshing, kitchen island circle pits, food fights, stanky diapers, and fights over which song Alexa should play next are still very plausible and are likely to occur.  Proceed with extreme caution.”Nick Onorato

“I’d like to add that although this record was finished being made nearly three years ago, you can rest assured knowing that we are, in fact, older and more exhausted than ever before which makes the listening experience that much more likely to put us to sleep.  Dads rule, kids drool.”Shawn Milke

Pre-Order I Can’t Listen to All of You At Once

1. A Pretty Nice Little Dadurday
2. Where the Highway Ends
3. Not All Heroes Where Socks with Sandals
4. Dorothy Mantooth is a Saint
5. Destination, Beautiful
6. Drive Thru Records Was the Best Record Label in the History of Anything. Ever.
7. Now, You Will Go to Sleep or I Will Put You to Sleep… You’re In My World Now, Kiddo
8. Kids Eat Free
9. Everyone Else is a Shitty Parent
10. Tell Her I Said Hello
11. Date Night
12. Tricks Up Their Pajama Sleeves (I’ll See You Tomorrow)