Renegades Make Their Mark on the Metalcore Scene with Debut, Self-Titled EP

Artist: Renegades
Album: Renegades
Rating: 5/5

A flash of light floods the area, as strange lights seem to follow your every move. A dense fog rises from the ground and something otherworldly emerges. As you brace yourself for what’s to come, a voice calls out and says, “we welcome the outcasts, the outspoken and the driven individuals of your world. We defy reality, we embrace the impossible and we never say die. United, we will destroy those who oppose us. Together, we stand proud… and now, just as we, you are invited to join us. We are Renegades.” Having settled their base of operations in Kansas City, KS, these guys waste no time in making their voices heard. Formerly known as Get Busy Living, the band decided it was time for a change of pace as they set out to spread their incredibly powerful message. Explosive, gritty and more than a little bit dangerous, their music offers elements of metalcore, djent, electronica and catchy, hooky choruses. The band, consisting of Chase Petersen (vocals), Seth Roberts (guitar), Myles Clayborne (drums) and Joshua Wood (bass) are no strangers to what it takes to survive the rat race that is the music industry. Having shared in an incredible amount of ups and downs, they’re ready to take their brand to a whole new level and, with their placement on a Summer music festival like Rocklahoma, they’ve got the platform that they need to do just that.

An ominous piano melody plays, as the EP begins. It builds into a hip hop-like beat, adding in slight hints of electronics before hitting the listener full-force as Petersen’s commanding, lower range growls hit you like a freight train. “Deception” resonates with a certain fire, burning brighter and roaring louder as the listener is taken on a journey. The way this track was arranged may have some recalling mid-era Veil of Maya or After the Burial. What’s more is that one of the scene’s most underrated guitarists, Jon Rose (Pathways/Tragic Hero Records) leaves his imprint on the track with a blistering solo. Petersen’s vocal delivery, his phrasing and breath power are some of the things that stick out to me most about this track.   “Extortion” leaves no room for the listener to breathe, as it comes in full-speed and knocks you through a wall. This track is, overall, a bit heavier but still features these notable, catchy choruses. Seriously! Listen once, and tell me that it’s not stuck in your head.

The band just released a music video for “I.H.Y.M.S.” which features Boys of Fall frontman, Michael Martenson. While there is no explanation for what the acronym stands for, the conviction to this it is second to none. In the background, you can hear what sounds like the score to a sci-fi film, while the guitar parts are mostly your standard chugs (nothing wrong with that). This track is the brand of heavy that makes you want to spin-kick everything, and everyone, in sight. The dynamic between Petersen and Martenson is incredible. They’re similar enough vocalists that, as expected, they fit together well but, on the other hand, you can easily pick out one from the other on this track. If you happen to be unclear, though, Martenson comes in at 1:39 with a slightly higher tone… and those high screams! You can view the video below.

While Get Busy Living was a fun chapter in the band’s lives, their growth on this EP is shown in spades. As songwriters, as musicians and as individuals, you just know that they’re hungry for it. Not for fame, success or money… but for the chance to spread a message of self-awareness. A reminder that, no matter who you are, there’s a place and a purpose for you in this world. Beyond all, a message that you can conquer anything that stands in your way. In this world of negative vibes, they’ve found a way to take negative subjects and spin them in a positive manner. Producer Andrew Wade (A Day to Remember, Chasing the Atlantic) really brought out the best in these guys and you can tell that they pushed themselves further than they ever have… to achieve such amazing results. Renegades stands tall as more than just a collection of songs, but as a message of positivity and strength for all those who may need it. Grab your copy by pre-ordering on iTunes or by picking it up on March 30th. Tickets are running low for their release show in Merriam, KS at Aftershock and details can be found below. Whatever you do… take the time and absorb every note, lyric and melody that this band has to offer… it’s clear that something special exists within these guys. Their potential is starting to be realized…and this is only the beginning.

“I.H.Y.M.S.” (Official Music Video) (Originally premiered via Alternative Press Live)

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