Review – 10 Years – (How To Live) As Ghosts


Artist: 10 Years

Album: (How To Live) As Ghosts

Rating: 10/10


10 Years blew everyone away when they originally dropped, “Wasteland” off their breakout album, “The Autumn Effect” in August 2005 and it shot them onto the charts with the same track placing #1 in December 2005. 10 Years is an American alternative metal band, formed in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1999. The band consists of Jesse Hasek (lead vocals), Brian Vodinh (drums, guitar, backing vocals), Chad Huff (bass guitar) and Matt Wantland (guitar). This new album, Their eighth album release, “(How To Live) As Ghosts” is a fresh revisiting of their original sounds and that’s what keeps lifetime fans. Let’s take a look into this album and how it measures up to the last seven. “From Birth To Burial” was thought to be their last album.

Starting off the album is, “Messenger” and immediately I’m transported back to “Wasteland” and these vocals are enough to pierce you soul. The band support in this is astonishing fast paced and leadman, Jesse Hesek just cuts right in and blows you to pieces with his delivery. The track offers some melodic vocals and some hard driven guitar and bass lines.

Novacaine” is the first single release, giving an idea of what the album has to offer. The track gives an ominous shiver by vocal intensity which we’ve grown to love from Jesse Hesek. This track will stand the test of time with “Wasteland” and “Dancing With The Dead” off their album, “Minus The Machine” and will definitely be on their live set list with it being a breakout single. This track offers an infectious and catchy chorus and has already hit #20 on the rock charts.

Ghosts” is the newest released single and follows on the heels of their current radio hit, “Novacaine,” which is steadily climbing the charts since release. The track offers Jesse Hesek belting a melodic vocal delivery over some aggressive guitars. This is also where 10 Years title is snagged from with the lyrics “It takes dying to know how to live as ghosts.”

Catacombs” really reaches out to you. The track begs the questions of vanity and beauty over wisdom much like “Beautiful” mentioned in its lyrics. This track offers an well timed breakdown and a build-up to end it out.

The latter half of the album takes things down a notch with “Blood Red Sky” and “Vampires” after the high octane intro tracks of “Ghosts” and “Novacaine” it’s clear to see 10 Years is back and hitting it strong since the return of their former bandmates.

Our formula is no formula, and it kinda works

(How To Live) As Ghosts” seems to be something career defining with the return of Vodinh and Wantland. 10 Years sought out to make something that takes them back to the roots of the band. “Our formula is no formula, and it kinda works” says Jesse Hesek on their writing collaboration and creative process. It’s safe to say that 10 Years has alot more stops in store for their fans, and their career with such a powerful album release. 

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