REVIEW (2): Corcid – The Demoralizing Process [2012]

As the end of 2012 draws near, and with a genre that has been often scrutinized and criticized for becoming stale, I think its safe to say that this year has been huge for the “deathcore scene”, especially thanks to all the austrailian bands, whom have been putting out some memorable albums. However, the focus seems to have been shifted so much so, that some U.S. bands arent getting the recognition they desereve. Chicagos very own Corcid, has something to say about that with their upcoming full length “The Demoralizing Process”, and needless to say this album is HEAVY, and definitely worth every second of your listening attentiveness.

Way back when, during the “myspace era”, I remember browsing band to band looking for some potential underground deathcore artists, and let me reassure you, Corcid was definitely one of the very few that I remembered until this day. In 2009, the band put out a 4 song demo, that truely grasped the brutality Corcid had to offer. Although the production of the songs wasnt the best, you couldnt complain that an unsigned band, that indepently recorded their songs and put them up for a free download wasn’t fair. Nearly 3 years later and what seemed to be an unfortunate long hiatus, Corcid is back and better than ever. Now under record label “Mannequin Rein Recordings”, I was pleased that the band got the professional recording quality that they deserved so long ago. The demo is brought back to life with the return of “Obelisk”, “A Wasteland A Kingdom”, “Indissonant Prayer” and “Dream Sequence” keeping long time fans pleased with the songs they fell in love with so long ago.

“The Demoralizing Process”, starts off with an interesting twist with the intro track “Heraclitus”, which showcases the bands softer side, making it clear that Corcid isnt interested in creating a typical one line, 2 minute breakdown intro, that so many deathcore bands turn to, props for the originality on this track. After the brief fifty six second intro track, the tempo picks up and the destruction is unveiled as “The Contience Crawl”, sets the tone for the album and demostrates what the listener will be expecting throughout the albums duration. The next track and my personal favorite “The Lashes They Fear”, brings the listener some of the heaviest breakdowns and pissed off guttarls ive heard in a long time. “A Wasteland A Kingdom” and “Obelisk” continue to destroy your ears as vocalist Bryton Carmack, shows off his true range with a combination of screeching highs and very impressive gutteral growls. Even if you are a fan of hardcore vocals, these can be heard as well throughout the album.

Halfway though the CD, the beautiful interlude “Orbiters” slows the pace for a good 6 minutes, giving the listener plenty of time to recuperate before returning to the sheer brutality Corcid brings to the table. The next track “Demorilizing Process”, is definitely the bands strongest song on the album. The drumming on this track is sensational and compliements some bouncy guitar riffs. “Indissonant Prayer”, keeps the intensity strong and adds some two step segments, along with some serious heavy breakdowns, making it a for sure song to be played live for all the active pit junkies. The final song “Dream Sequence”, and my favorite from the 2009 demo, Corcid ends the album with this skullcrushing brutal track, straying from incorporating a cheesy outro filler and keeping the listener wanting more.

If you are a fan of deathcore, I strongly suggest you buy this album. This is easily one of my favorite albums of 2012, and will be spinning in my cars cd player for a long time. Corcid is definitely a force to be reckoned with and Im looking forward to future albums from these guys.

Score: 9.5-10