Review – 311 – Mosaic

Artist: 311
Album: Mosaic
Rating: 9/10

 311 has led a following of a multitude of fans with their unmistakable chill, funky and psychedelic ‘reggae-like’ delivery as the words say:


“..It’s been a wild ride, I wouldn’t change a minute…I guess that’s why I live it..Watch It now!”

The snippet of lyrics to “Creatures (For A While)” are words that still hold true even after a couple year hiatus. I was invited to listen to their new album “Mosaic” to see how it compares to the path they’ve set on fire over the years.
311 has always stayed true to their own approach and underlying message of Unity and Positivity and that message also still rings true for them today. Lyrically and in their everyday life, leadman Nick Hexum often ends each show with the words:


“Stay Postive and Love Your Life”

The breakthrough single release “Perfect Mistake” is a really great intro single into the album. It’s smooth, aggressive, and very anthem worthy. Nick Hexum’s vocals echo a sense of empowerment like it should since coming off hiatus. This track is one of their best to date showing some of the best lyric writing in the whole album.
Taking a look back in history, 311 have had 9 singles hit the Top 10 on Billboard’s Alternative Charts including “Amber”, “Down”, “Creatures (For A While)”, “Don’t Tread On Me”, and “Sunset in July” and who can forget the classic remake of “Love Song” that hit the charts by storm.


“Too Much To Think” is another chill and solemn single track release while the track “Wildfire” takes a step back to the yesteryear of their previous albums, mixing in their rap technique that’s such a unique style to the band. Throughout the album tracks flow together. “Forever Now” and the track “Days Of 88” go seamlessly together in a sort of storyline. It’s definitely worth a listen.

Through connecting with listeners, 311 has that certain kind of relationship with their fans that runs far and deep. With that said, the band’s twelfth studio album, “Mosaic” is a sort of artistic reflection of their appreciation to fans that go to show after show, supporting the band through their creative ride all the while still making their fans feel part of their own success.
Overall on this album, it seems to me that 311 has kept their unique rap/rock/reggae vibes alive and while also being refreshing. If your a fan of the band and need some new and chill vibes in your life. You need this album yesterday. Check it out today!


311 is
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Chad Sexton
Tim Mahoney
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