Review: Actions Speak Louder – Self-Discovery

Artist: Actions Speak Louder
Album: Self-Discovery
Rating: 5/5

1. “Come At Me, Bro!” – 3:34
2. “White Whale” – 3:22
3. “On the Edge of Tomorrow” – 3:22
4. “To the Moon and Back” – 3:22
5. “The War Between Love and Hate” – 3:30
6. “The Beauty Before the Beast” – 3:55

Byron Peck, better known by his stage name Actions Speak Louder is a god among men! With the release of his debut EP, Self-Discovery, he has managed to destroy the staleness of the genre and create a sound that both equally blends in to what we’re used to and blossoms something new. For fans of bands like Issues, Breaking Benjamin, Memphis May Fire and more… this release takes you on an aural journey that, while short, is incredibly satisfying. He came together with Evan McKeever of Savage Audio (who wrote the instrumentals and produced the album).

When the opening track, “Come At Me, Bro!” comes in, you’re smashed in the face by the heavy side of the project… which, you’ll quickly notice, is prominent throughout the entire release. When Peck’s clean vocals come in, though, it sends your heart soaring. No matter what vocal style he takes on, he knows how to convey emotion in a way that few in the post-hardcore/metalcore genres do.

Towards the end, there’s a track called “The War Between Love and Hate”, which seems to stick out as one of the best on the album. It starts off with an instrumental part, semi-reminiscent of the “Guillotine” tracks we all know and love from Escape the Fate before his beautiful clean vocals blend perfectly in with the 80s style riffage in the background of the chorus. Finally, the closing track “The Beauty Before the Beast”, a lyrically beautiful “softer” song comes on and, sadly, the journey is nearing it’s end… but I guarantee you’ll replay the album at LEAST once before switching to something else!

No matter how you swing it, this release is something that is far beyond the normal and I truly believe that it is wholly worth every single one of you reading this’ time. So do yourself a favor: Check out Self-Discovery below and get ready for a new side of the post-hardcore genre, the likes of which you’ve never seen!

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Post-Self Discoverline-up is:
Vocals – Byron Peck
Lead Guitar – Daniel Murphy
Rhythm Guitar – David Ludemann
Bass Guitar – Gage Crawford
Drums – Chester David Pigeon