Review: Actions Speak Louder – Self-Worth

Artist: Actions Speak Louder
Album: Self-Worth
Rating: 5/5

Actions Speak Louder, hailing from Orlando, FL is more than just a band. Starting out as a solo project/one-man band from vocalist Byron Peck… it’s grown into a movement. Now armed with a full band, an arsenal of hard-hitting music and lyrics that speak to the listener in a positive way… they’re ready to take this movement across the globe. Their debut EP, Self-Worth sees them creating an identity of their own, rather than being comparable to bands like Issues that bring heavy music together with smooth, R&B-style vocals. This is an EP that causes you to step back and take a look at your life, the state of the world and what you’re doing in it. It opens your eyes to the horrible things going on around you that, it’s possible, you don’t see because you’re not paying attention. As a solo artist, Peck found himself with Self-Discovery. This was a realization that he wanted to do much more with his music than just play songs… he wanted to give a voice to the voiceless.

From the album’s opener, “Beat the Odds” to the low screams and subtle piano that closes out “Into the Sun,” this EP is relentless in emotion. One of my favorite tracks, by far, is the band’s latest single “Moral Duty” which features Chris Parketny of Nine Shrines. Lyrically, this track is about standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. The video sees Peck step into many situations where, morally, most people wouldn’t and they cause him to get beaten up, abused and bloody. The lyric “it’s called moral duty, not moral option. Don’t run from disasters, turn and run towards them” specifically speaks to not turning away when you see something you know is wrong. This track perfectly orchestrates the instruments, hitting you hardest when the lyrics call for it. You also can’t deny that chorus will get stuck in your head!

“Tunnel Vision” is a love song that features Peck and Conquer Divide songstress Kiarely Castillo trading off. She’s trying to convince him that she’s not worth it. She has low self-esteem, she’s down and out on herself and she feels he deserves better. Meanwhile, as any self-respecting partner should, he is constantly reassuring her that she is the only one for him. The use of piano/keyboard in this track to emphasize the poppier nature of this track is breathtaking. To be honest, I’d love to hear a piano/acoustic version of this track.. stripped down and more intimate. Peck and Castillo have an incredible vocal dynamic. This is also the band’s first track in which they’ve experimented with this pop-infused style, even using electronics to emphasize the lighter mood it has.

You know how you hear the phrase “no two are the same?” Well that is more true of this EP than anything I’ve reviewed in the history of New Transcendence. Of course, there are GENERAL similarities but every track has a different vibe to it. The closing track “Into the Sun” infuses the catchy hooks we heard in the past 5 tracks but also adds an element of heavy instrumentation to it. Lyrically, this track is one heavy on loss. In the song, 2 parents have lost their child and the mother decides to take her life. Despite this, the father still expected to see her in Heaven until the angels confirm that, due to her committing suicide, she was not allowed through the gates. He casts himself into the sun as a way of casting himself away from Heaven and into Hell to try to save his wife. This is a track that has a message of suicide awareness. No matter the cost, no matter what you’re going through… suicide should never be an option. If you’re dealing with suicidal thoughts, actions or thoughts of self-harm… please reach out to anyone and get some help. You are not alone… you’re never alone.

Actions Speak Louder never cease to amaze me. I reviewed the debut EP, Self-Discovery and it was phenomenal but Self-Worth finds itself on an entirely different plain of existence! To say that this is the band’s crowning achievment, thus far, would be a huge discredit to the musicians who worked tirelessly to get this out to you. Self-Worth is released tomorrow, January 27th, and will be available on all DSPs, as well as physical copies/merch bundles on the band’s website, which you can find below. If you’re in the Orlando area, the band is playing their release show at Backbooth tomorrow, details can also be found below in the flyer. Become an #actionist… because, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem!

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“Moral Duty (ft. Chris Parketny of Nine Shrines)” (Official Music Video)

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Actions Speak Louder are:
Byron Peck – Vocals
Adam Watson – Lead Guitar
Matt Kluesner – Rhythm Guitar
Gage Crawford – Bass Guitar
Triston Blaize – Drums