Review: Adelitas Way – Deserve This EP

Artist: Adelitas Way
Album: Deserve This
Rating: 4.5/5

You can’t turn on the radio today without hearing Las Vegas natives, Adelitas Way. Whether it be their old material, including their hit single “Invincible” which has been used in various promotion schemes including WWE Superstars, Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010 and CSI: Miami or something new like “Sick”, “Stuck” or, what we’ll be talking about today, “Deserve This”. This band loves to break rules, break boundaries and break open a cold one! In fact, they proved that by announcing that, not only would fans get an EP (later found to be titled Deserve This) in 2015 but that a full-length album will be coming, as well! If you’ve ever seen these guys live, you’ll know that their relentless, they love getting the crowd involved and they love every aspect of what they do… I’ve seen them twice, once with Art of Dying and last year at Rockfest 2014 in Kansas City. Coming off the heels of their critically-acclaimed 3rd studio album, Stuck, they had proven that they were not going anywhere. When Deserve This was released, it was just as impactful as anything they’ve ever released.

Deserve This, released last month is an EP that showcases everything we’ve loved about the band. It’s emotional, it’s gritty, it’s filthy and it’s filled with songs that will have you belting at the top of your lungs, as well as shaking that ass. Tracks like “Deserve This”, “Filthy Heart” and “I Get Around” re-invent that hard rock edge they’ve been so well-known for. I can hear some 80s influence in “I Get Around” in the guitars. This band still shows just as much intensity as ever before but… it’s nice to hear tracks like “Harbor the Fugitive” which have a seemingly jazz-infused flavor to them. This EP, thematically, is about love gone wrong and it’s clear from the track “Filthy Heart” that there is nothing being held back this time. It all ends with “Sometimes You’re Meant to Get Used” which I can see being a new crowd-favorite if they ever play it live. It’s incredibly rhythmic and catchy.

Will Adelitas Way be able to keep their winning streak with great music up? If Deserve This is any indication, I 100% believe that the answer is yes! If you want one hell of a ride, pick up Deserve This out now everywhere that music is sold! Also, if you’re interested in hearing their 4th album, the band has a PledgeMusic campaign going for it with some sweet perks! Check that out and more below!

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PledgeMusic Campaign(4th studio album)

“I Get Around” (Official Audio)

Adelitas Way is:

Rick DeJesus – vocals
Trevor Stafford – drums
Andrew Cushing – bass
Robert Zakaryan – guitar