Review: Aged Teen – This Is Not An Exit EP

Band: Aged Teen
Album: This Is Not An Exit
Rating:  4/5

1. Seaside Suicide
2. Close
3. Self-Doubt
4. Nightmares
5.  Shocking Blue
6. Endless Dawn


It’s not very often that you hear a band who is JUST starting out and immediately enjoy them. Aged Teen is the exception. They have the raw, gritty vocals that I thought had been lost in rock n roll, along with beautifully sung lyrics with a slight southern edge to them. When Dario messaged me about reviewing the EP for them, I was a little skeptical. As most of you know, I don’t normally take the time to sit and absorb an EP the way I do an album but this EP captured me from first listen. From the hard-hitting opening track “Seaside Suicide” to tracks like “Self-Doubt” which are full of nothing but emotion and amazing guitar solos, I thoroughly believe that any fan of rock will enjoy this band!

Key Tracks:

Self-Doubt: The first song that stopped me in my tracks while listening to it. You can feel the raw emotion in this track. Easily my favorite from the band so far.

Nightmare: Now, I’m a HUGE Type-O Negative fan, so I hope this doesn’t offend the band when I say this, but the vocals on this track really remind me of the lead singer of Type-O. I started crying the first time I heard this track because it’s so sad. But it’s beautiful at the same time.

Shocking Blue: This track has a slight rockabilly feel to it at first while still having that gritty, in your face rock that seems to have faded these days.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I was fairly impressed by this effort. The band is definitely one I will be following because I believe they are going to go somewhere if they keep going the route they are going. Don’t just take my word for it. Go take a listen at the link above and message the band, tell em New Transcendence sent ya! 😉

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