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Artist: Alive in Barcelona

  • Album: Alive in Barcelona

Label: SmartPunk Records

Fresh starts are sometimes a necessary evil, when it comes to being a band. Regardless of it being the result of member changes, stylistic influence or just a general sense of wanting to start over… sometimes it breeds the most wonderful examples of creative expression. For Alive in Barcelona, it was a combination of all of the above. They were formerly known as The Persevering Promise, a post-hardcore band signed to Pavement Entertainment, making huge waves in the music industry. However, turbulence soon began and it resulted in the questioning of their future, stuck in a rut… but where dismay rears its ugly head, a light shines at the end of the tunnel.

After a very rough loss in the life of guitarist/back up vocalist Jesse Barton’s life, filled with dark thoughts and plagued with sadness… he refused to give up. As a result (and as a result of being a primary songwriter in the band), his lyrics became a look deep into his struggles. After the announcement of their rebranding, the band dropped a music video for “Back to Life” which was the first song written in their new incarnation, shortly after the aforementioned loss. This track alone showed such promise and let listeners deep into the emotional turmoil that ensued. Beyond that, it showed a major stylistic change and bred more of a hard rock sound. Still, throughout their debut, self-titled album, you can hear their roots seeping in through. Vocalist Matt Hoos experiments more with his range than ever before… going from soft, subtle and low passages to soaring choruses with minimal effort. Drummer Chase Wiliams also shines clearly in each track, with bombastic drum lines that explore just about every facet of his talents.

This album is filled with songs that call attention to the deeper-seated emotions that plague society, stigmatized by the world in general and call out to those who need something positive to cling to. Tracks like “Zombies” (which features Craig Mabbitt) even tackle more pressing issues like reliance on technology and the need to be accepted by ones peers. Those who focus more on likes and social media status than real life interaction and general kindness to one another. Tackling a general blindfold over the eyes of the world, causing society to overlook things like war, poverty and violence that are very real, very potent issues.

Each cadence offers a positive, uplifting outlook to those who need it most and have their own ebb-and-flow. The dichotomy of positive music and dark subject matter is anything but new but a fresh perspective is given through the life breathed into these tracks. Songs of love, loss, depression and a general feeling of hopelessness are all here and put together in a way that will stun the listener from beginning to end.

This album is for the ones who are lost with no direction, hitting rock bottom harder with every turn. Each of these tracks serve as a vibrant, audible reminder that you are not alone, no matter what you’re going through. Alive in Barcelona’s masterful debut will be out on February 22nd via Smartpunk Records. A number of Pre-Order options still remain at the link below or, if you simply want a digital copy… you can do so on your favorite digital retailer. If you listen to no other release this year, let this be the one you choose… you’ll be glad you did. Catch the guys on the “Shred Til You’re Dead” tour supporting Alesana and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus this Spring (dates/flyer below)!

4.5 – Raleigh, NC
4.6 – Greensboro, NC
4.7 – Baltimore, MD
4.9 – Pittsburgh, PA
4.10 – Lancaster, PA
4.11 – Asbury Park, NJ
4.12 – Brooklyn, NY
4.13 – Easton, PA
4.14 – Cincinnati, OH
4.15 – Joliet, IL
4.16 – Kansas City, MO
4.18 – Houston, TX
4.19 – Corpus Christi, TX
4.20 – Dallas, TX
4.21 – Austin, TX
4.22 – Tyler, TX

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