Review: Alteras – Myself On Fire

Artist: Alteras
Album: Myself On Fire

From the beginning, Youngstown’s Alteras has been destined for greatness. Having already released two albums (Shapeshifter (2015) and Grief (2016), prior to their signing to Revival Recordings, they had a vision of just what they wanted their sound to be and, more importantly, how to achieve that. Their sophomore album, Grief, was re-released with new songs and found its way into many listener’s ears. The sound on that album could best be described as modern day emo music with a strong nostalgia factor (think bands like The Used, Taking Back Sunday, etc) and one hell of a sharp edge. Following up such a successful release was not going to be an easy task and, having learned everything they did from that release, they knew that they’d have to really step things up on the next album. Armed with all the knowledge they gained, they headed into the studio to record 7 songs for what would become Myself On Fire. Released on August 3rd via Revival Recordings, they realized their vision and did so, in spades. There was one major difference with this one, though, and that’s the personal nature of the lyrics. While Grief pulled a lot from personal experience… Myself On Fire sees vocalist JC Clasen wearing his heart on his sleeve and getting more in-touch with his experiences than ever before.

From the sound of a track like “Better Mistake,” it seems that the band wanted to create something more cinematic in scope, creating more of an experience than a typical listen. Don’t get me wrong, passive listeners will love this too… but it becomes extra special for those who take the time to dig in. The dichotomy of these tracks leaves nothing to be desired, as well. You want something on the heavier end of the spectrum? “Best Mistake” sees gritty, angst-driven screams coupled with soaring, melodic vocals that will get you in your feelings. However, if you want something a bit more on the air of pop-punk/pop rock, you’ll enjoy a track like “Damn Well.” It all ends with the epic and atmospheric title track, “Myself On Fire” which wraps up in a beautiful send-off.

With this only being an EP, it’s quite easy to be tempted to skip from track to track. After all, it’s well-known that today’s listeners prefer singles over full albums… but if you can fight off that temptation, the result is incredibly rewarding. These guys poured their hearts out, in song form, and their hard work shows on so many levels. If you’ve been a fan of the band since Grief or even before, you’re really going to find a whole new level of love for Alteras after hearing Myself On Fire. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the links below and pick up or stream the album today! For more from Alteras and all of the Revival family, be sure to follow the Revival 52 playlist on Spotify! The boys just wrapped up a short run with World War Me (SharpTone Records) and you can expect to see more tour dates announced soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

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