REVIEW: The Amity Affliction “Let The Ocean Take Me”


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While some bands are constantly striving to evolve and change their sound, The Amity Affliction has always stuck with a familiar formula that has been constantly been improved upon since they started. Always emotional and never recycled, they have consistently shown that evolution is not always needed to be successful. With their latest album Let The Ocean Take Me, they have crafted their most powerful album to date.

The lyrical content is passionate and gut-wrenching. It’s deep, heavy, and more personal than you would expect. This album is a personal journey through the hell of feeling like nothing’s worth living for. But within each song on this journey are lyrics that can give hope. One song stood out to me, but only because of the ending. Never Alone talks about how always standing together can make the whole differnce. However, a hauntingly depressing phone call at the end of the song gives scary proof as to why this song’s meaning could be the saving grace in someone’s life. It was a shocking phone call that truly opens the mind of how a person feels when they think they have nothing left to live for. Joel and Ahren have a perfect vocal combination going here, and they pull off every song to perfection

The lyrical content is backed up by some of the best instrumentals I’ve ever heard in the metalcore genre. It’s not anything revolutionary but it’s that same Amity Affliction trademark sound that’s been honed to a perfected craft. Every song has a unique flair to it, coupled by haunting soft points and smashing heavy points. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more complete package this year in the metalcore genre.

Let The Ocean Take Me is a crowning moment in the career of this Australian metalcore group. An emotionally binding experience from start to finish, The Amity Affliction has crafted a genuinely heart-wrenching album that is on par with some of the best metalcore albums of all time, and a clear cut contender for album of the year.