REVIEW: amnaeon “Aorta Borealis”


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Massachusetts based amnaeon is a unique musician to say the least. Justin Bonitz does everything. He composes and performs every instrument you hear, and also does the vocals. The first album, Aorta Borealis, is a very unique record to say the least. It has a sound I’ve yet to hear from any other musician, and isn’t really classifiable by one genre. With a mix of electronic, metal, and experimental, I would classify this as a genre all its own: Experimental theatrical metal. A 14 track offering of pure bliss, Aorta Borealis is a record that is best enjoyed when winding down from a stressful day. The instrumentals are unlike anything I thought could come from the metal genre, and is a fresh sound for the scene. With tracks ranging from mosh worthy to hypnotic and soothing, there seems to be something for everyone on this record. There is no standout track here, because each song is amazing in it’s own right, and deserving of praise. Overall, this newcomer to the music scene is worthy of success, and I highly recommend you pick up this amazing album as soon as possible.

Instrumentals: 10/10
Lyrics and Vocals: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

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