Review: An Ending: A Beginning – Every Passing Dream

Artist:Every Passing Dream – Facebook
Album: An Ending: A Beginning
Rating: 5-Stars

Hailing from West Palm Beach, Florida, Every Passing Dream has released a new and diverse sound to this dead scene. A genre in which I call ” true hardcore “, these guys have the potential to do even more with their future releases.

I am pleased and stoked to review their highly anticipated debut Ep, An Ending: A Beginning. A 5 song masterpiece that shakes the ground from track to track!!
The Ep definitely has some true potential and has a very dynamic sound to it. The production is very solid, and the structure of the songs flow well with Tyler’s raw vocals. At times, I could have swore I was listening to For The Fallen Dreams! With melodies that soar, flowing together with those amazing bass lines, I can honestly tell why so many people love this band! Go to their facebook page, and just read some of the love people are sharing. It really shows this band is out there for more than just a profit, but to impact people and ultimately show them amazing music!
Key Tracks:

This is by far my favorite track and it just overall gives the feel of the entire Ep. It starts at a slower pace, and the opening riff sounds really put together. It has a melodic feel at times, but you can’t escape the constant power of Hardcore.

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