REVIEW: Anal Phobia – Unarm [2013]


Band: Anal Phobia

Album: Unarm


WARNING: prolonged exposure to this album might result in excessive and uncontrollable spasms, seizures and side effects such as explosive diarrhea, puking, jizzing, pissing and various other very nasty bodily functions; you have been warned so don’t come crying to me or the band

Getting depressed about those cheesy and lame summer ”hits” being repeatedly jammed down your throat? Want something heavy as balls to help wash away those detestable tunes? Check out the latest EP ”Unarm” from Anal Phobia and a happy summer holiday is guaranteed! At first glance the tracklist consisting of just 4 songs might not seem like much. but the impact those 4 songs will have on you is equivalent to that of most full lengths, are NOT prepared for this massive musical onslaught. The thing that gives ”Unarm” its uniquely terrifying sound is the blending of both the beatdown hardcore and slam deathcore styles. Hearing such a blissful wall of brutality makes me wonder why this style of music isn’t practiced more often, maybe because humans aren’t meant to handle this level of energetic aggression. Soon after hearing ”Call Him in Silence” I began to understand why these Italian gentlemen chose the name Anal Phobia, because whether you are into it of not- you WILL be brutally fucked in the ass, harshly and repeatedly and the scary thing is that you will like every painful second of it.

Chaingunning blast beats, inhuman slams and mind-shrinking breakdowns create a torrent of hate and heaviness that will instantly launch you into the air upon exposure, add a volatile arsenal of vocal styles to this and you know the urge to break something cannot be resisted. Raspy hardcore screams, death grunting, demonic growls and even some gang shouts and samples here and there make the joyous festivities complete. With being a relatively unknown band it’s not that hard to miss out on this EP, or overlook this band completely, maybe you have heard of them before but you discarded it as another one of those lame ”pots and pans” bands that make too much crappy noise for their own good. If you did just that, now would be the perfect time to slap yourself in the face with a clawhammer because this is some of the most harsh and raw metal acts you will hear for some time. So if you’re into heavy music you owe it to yourself to check out this FREE release. Be surprised and amazed that this EP of just 16 minutes will soon force its way to deep into your anus and to the top of your favorite albums of 2013, shock your surrounding community when ”Unarm” reduces the whole block to ruins.

Rating: 10/10 (I absolutely love this kind of heavy music and am sad that there is not more of it to go around, this is why it gets the perfect score from me)

For fans of: I Declare War, Acranius, Dissever the Tyrant, Defined by Fate