REVIEW: Animations – Private Ghetto



Overall Rating 8 out 10

Animations is that girl who you thought was stuck up and never really appreciated them for who they really were.  She came off as someone who thinks it’s all about her and you never thought twice by what everyone else says if you should make the attempt to find out how she really is.  Animations is that girl.  You think with all the mainstream djent that is broadening on the horizon that this band is just your typical cookie cutter band.  I thought the same as well upon listening to snippets of each song, but I have to say this band has everything.  You have the emotional feeling of each song and their backing, as well as the anger that transpires.
The name Animations infers you to think, Oh look we put an S on the end of animation.  Just as many other bands have been frolicking to the gates now with this same concept.  Animations gives new idea and concepts to music now.  Sure it does have the singing that in my opinion can ruin that severity of the anger that is being presented, but these guys have understood the ratio of signing to screaming.  It’s a great culmination of emotion as well as prosperity.
The CD sound itself ranges from The Contortionist with the palm muting to at times the benevolent cleans from Demon Hunter.  The vocals do tend to shift depending on each song, but are perfectly accompanied by the music itself.  I personally can feel the message and sentiment behind the music itself.   Each song is in a caliber of its own being, as well as feeling.  As you progress further into the CD you start to realize the reason Animations coined their CD “Private Ghetto.”  You feel how each song builds up to the next, in the end mesmerizing you with in your face screams as well as double bass ass kicking material.
With all the music coming out this year, hell this month; Animations’ is a band forced to be reckoned with.  You can find majority of the bands releasing music this month all wrapped up in this CD.  Turn no further than Animations’ this summer.  Enjoy the charismatic joy ride as you are transported to a state of being that envelopes you to see your own private ghetto.