Spotlight Segment: Annie Sails Sorrow

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Artist: Annie Sails Sorrow
Album: Beefcake (Single)
Rating: 5/5

Brutality at its finest! Melodic Hardcore outfit, Annie Sails Sorrow is a name to be feared in the metal scene. In a world that is so prone to falling into the mainstream, they destroy that cookie-cutter and adhere to a sound all their own. With the release of “Beefcake” which was their first full track to be released, you get a heavy, hard-hitting, destructive track that could be the soundtrack to your worst nightmares! While it’s short-lived, it’s sure to get you moving and wanting to break shit! The lyrics are brutal, the instrumentals are catastrophic, and while you listen to it a rage like no other will quell inside you. This is a track that’s sure to break some bones in mosh pits across the country and possibly the world! Check it out at the link above and go give their page a like! Their debut EP will drop sometime this year!