Review: Anthony Green – Pixie Queen

Artist: Anthony Green
Album: Pixie Queen
Rating: 10/10

One of the most recognizable voices in today’s scene is that of Anthony Green. Primarily known for his work with Saosin and Circa Survive, his high-pitched, angsty vocal style is something to be envied. Flowing with creativity, there are just some things that wouldn’t work with either of those bands. It’s for this purpose that artists take a solo approach, and Green is no exception. His solo career began with Avalon in 2007 and, in the midst of recording with Circa Survive, has managed to push forth 5 solo albums and 1 remix album, the latest of which being Pixie Queen. While Green has never been shy about sharing his feelings, it is Pixie Queen that puts him at his most vulnerable.

The album takes you through the life of a man who, despite his many faults, is incredibly passionate about everything he does. Leaning mainly on his relationship with his wife, and the struggles they’ve endured and overcome in the past. This album is very raw, with stripped down, acoustic arrangements holding incredible emotional weight through much of it’s duration and little full-band involvement. It gives you an idea of how incredibly talented Green is, on his own, without much backing by a band. Being a big fan of both Saosin and Circa Survive, it’s always a nice change to hear his solo material. Tracks like “East Coast Winters” take you through a darker time in his life, as he struggled with heroin addiction. This was the last song he wrote during that time and it’s clear, lyrically, that he was going through a very rough time. An eerie piano arrangement, lots of vocal layers and what sounds like an orchestra really pulled my attention to the track “Dawn on the Canal.” This track feels like it could have been a point of rebirth for green, as it talks about looking out at the sunrise but also watching individuals die… perhaps a metaphor for those he considered toxic? The album’s recurring theme comes into play when he sings the words to “Better Half” which is about how true love is only understood by those who share it. This is a beautiful love song that has a “wintry” feel to it, even feeling like a track you’d hear around Christmas.

It’s no secret that Green is a wonderful songwriter. For years, he’s proven that with every band he’s ever been in, time and time again. It is only through his solo material, though, that we see a reflection of who he is, as an individual, and what makes him who he is. It’s clear that family is a very important aspect in his life and Pixie Queen is a testament to that. More than anything, though, Pixie Queen is the ultimate soundtrack for the love and appreciation he feels for his wife, claiming that his mere existence in this world is for her and their kids. It’s clear that it was rough for Green to write some of these tracks but I don’t think he could be any proud of the emotional weight that they carry, or that his performances can find themselves crushed under. Pick up your copy of Pixie Queen, out now on his own imprint, Moshtradamus Records. If you need a sample, though, check out “You’ll Be Fine” below!

“You’ll Be Fine” (Official Music Video)

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