Review – Architects – Holy Hell

Artist: Architects

Album: Holy Hell

Rating: 9.5/10

Holy Hell‘, is the eighth full studio album to be released on the 9th of November. With this date creeping up on us, the hype around the album is peaking. The release of the record “All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us“, brought the tragic news about the founding guitarist and songwriter Tom Searle’s passing, this had a huge impact on the band, and thought of not going on. But, they persevered and now enter, “Holy Hell” bringing a new edge to the band.

Title track, “Holy Hell” gives you that exact reaction upon first listen. It clearly is on the subject matter of loss and the possibility of a higher power while dealing with said loss. You can hear the anguish and sorrow in the delivery. The track offers up some intense delivery with heavy drums shadowing screaming vocals.

There are some twists and turns in this album, but they are welcomed. The album still has alot to offer without Tom Searle but it seems his creative input he was working before he passed on was implemented in subtle ways such as guitar riffs that keep the album going in a fresh sense.

Video still from the video, “Royal Beggars”

Doomsday,” was the first song done after Tom Searle’s passing. Tom wrote a good portion of “Doomsday” and some of his actual guitars made it into the song, but the majority of the album was unfortunately written without him. The track offers some excellent guitar and drum work for intensity with shrill vocals and anguish for delivery. “Royal Beggars” is melodic, but don’t let that fool you, this song is complimentary to the album.

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Architects album, “Holy Hell” available Nov 9th

Overall, “Holy Hell” encompasses the journey of grief and loss. I feel the album is a sort of ‘in honor’ of their lost bandmate. It is done in such a way that Tom himself would be proud of this evolution in delivery. While the album flows together there are times vocal seem stressed but Architects are still in stride throughout the whole album making it immersive and fresh.

Official Video for, “Hereafter

Official Video for, “Royal Beggers

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