REVIEW: Through Arteries – “The Filth Among Us” [Single/2013]



Artist:  Through Arteries [Facebook] [Twitter]

Song:  “The Filth Among Us

Through Arteries have, again, hit the studio to amaze and show appreciation to their loyal and devoted fans.  Through Arteries is a band that began with a slow start but, now, has begun making a name for themselves in the underground scene, and are slowly rising through the ranks as each release rears its head.  This is a band that shows progression, something you hardly ever get anymore.  Most bands these days go backward, getting softer and losing the sound that they began with quicker and quicker.  Is that these guys?  Heck no.  Through Arteries gets better release after release, astounding fans with both their technical abilities and pure amazing musicianship with “This Is Just the Beginning…,” and now, we are graced with their newest single – “The Filth Among Us.”  This song is a major jump from their recent EP; while still maintaining a portion of that technical and brutal mix, these boys step up that brutality… Well, quite a good lot, and even have revived more of their electronic sounds.  This song hits hard, and it hits fast, delivering a fast paced assault of intense screaming and hard hitting…  Well, everything.  This, of course, is not only a step up in the “heavy department,” but you can tell that the clean vocals have even improved, proving that a band’s age does not mean that they’ve slown down or become lazy – lazy is definitely not a word to be associated with these boys, and I can guarantee, if this song leads to an EP…  Or maybe, even, the full-length we’ve all be waiting for, then we are definitely not prepared for what is in store for us.