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Atlanta party rockers Attila have been a prominent name in the deathcore scene for quite awhile now. Known for a hard party style with ruthless aggression and relentless tracks on every album, they are clearly no strangers to the genre they are in. With four studio albums, they are set to drop their fifth, About That Life, through Artery Records on June 25th, and hype is high. I went through Spotify to listen to their catalog again to make sure I was completely familiar with their history, and it was a good thing I did so I can say this: About That Life has lined up the first four albums, chugged a ton of beer, and blasted them all with a bazooka to oblivion. About That Life is the best Attila album yet, and one of my picks for best of the year. With 14 tracks of pure aggression, with some new tricks and the best vocal work yet by frontman Chris “The Fronz” Fronzak, Attila has perfected their craft with this record. But how does each track stand by individually? Time to pick apart each track beat by beat and get to what exactly makes this album so amazing.


The lead off track is also the first single off the album. Starting off with something like a call to arms to join the party, this track hits hard. A djent-style opening sound leads into the heavy riffs and power that Attila is known for. Pulling no punches, Fronz gives the musical version of a big middle finger to anyone who hates him. The vocals shown here instantly showcase the improvement from Outlawed, and is a great way to start off the album.


In typical Attila fashion, the aggression only increases going into track 2. Fronz has more range on vocals with this record, and it’s starting to show more with Hellraiser. The vocal work is once again amazing, and the lyrics are your signature party lyrics from Attila. The key point here is the breakdown/solo at around the 2:10 mark. Easily the best part of the song and also the perfect way to end the track, you’ll be screaming with Fronz as you proclaim that you are a hellraiser!


Rageaholics is an anthem for Attila which describes their lifestyle perfectly. Party, drugs, and alcohol. Nothing is off limits. The lyrical content is nothing profound or intellectual, but if you come to an Attila album for that, you will leave disappointed. The instrumental work is showing off even more improvement and maturity from the boys from Atlanta, and Fronz pulls no punches in belting out both the cleans and the dirty vocals. Being “party addicts, rageaholics, diabolics” who are addicted to the lifestyle is a calling card for Attila. And they let you know.


Backtalk is an interesting track, because it has this feel that reminds me of Emmure in its sound. Maintaining the aggression with some piercing highs and pulverizing lows, while also using cleans to an amazing effiency, Attila shows off yet another solo here that, while nothing mind-blowing, still has some great sound to it. And the lyrical content just shows off even more of that pissed off attitude that we all know and love from Fronz.


There is no song here. This is a voice message left for Fronz from Mike. Mike is telling Fronz how he is pissed off about Fronz not mellowing out on the new record and that he needs to call him. A unique track to include, there is not much to say besides what you hear.


The eponymous track is the perfect follow up to Leave A Message, because it clearly states that Fronz simply does not care about chilling out. He is about aggression, anger, and hate. Stating that he’d rather smoke a bong than go to church, Fronz does not care to calm his anger. About That Life is nothing intellectual, and is a track you will be moshing to every time you hear it. Attila is at an all time high here, and they aren’t holding anything back. The key line here that has become a fan favorite is “SUCK MY FUCK!” Fronz even went to Twitter and asked his fans to tell his parents that, and the results were entertaining to say the least. The scream raps also return here, and they are better than ever.


Another party track, Attila gives a portrayal of their lifestyle: Getting high and rocking out. More scream raps and some amazing scream/clean alternating combined with some blasting instrumental work makes this yet another amazing track for the new record, and further shows the maturing of their sound.


Simply put, this is the track that will cause some major moshpits fights. This track is the angriest so far, and will give that urge to smash everything in sight. “Fuck this shit, punch that bitch” is the calling card for the chorus, and states the whole purpose of this song: Total mayhem. A breakdown with a spoken word section by Fronz followed up by those pounding lows finishes off one hell of a demonstration of anger and hate from Attila.


An electronic sounding track, there is not much to say besides the sound is something I never expected to hear on an Attila record. Stating repeatedly this is scene is plagued with gimmick and lies, the real purpose of this song is to lead into the best track on the album…


Here we go. This track is the one that will cause the most controversy and most likely be the fan favorite. Fronz holds nothing back, and no one is safe from his rage. Starting off with a beatbox from Fronz, this track goes hard fast with some heavy riffs. But the instrumentals aren’t the key point, as Fronz is calling out NUMEROUS musicians and even a hate group.

First Callout: Jonny Craig

Hey kids, give me all your fuckin’ money! Got a hundred macbooks and I swear I’m not a druggie

The only way this could’ve been a more obvious stab at Jonny is if he said his name. Referencing the Macbook incident that Jonny scammed a lot of people out of their money and never gave them the Macbooks he promised, Fronz starts hard with the callouts.

Second Callout: Ronnie Radke

Even Ronnie Radke talks shit on my instagram, give me your address so I can hit you with a mic stand.

Going after one of the more hated people in the scene today, Fronz references when Ronnie tried talking shit on Instagram about him. Saying that he’ll hit him with mic stand for it, Fronz brings up the mic stand incident from the Six Flags concert where Ronnie threw mic stands into the crowd and hurt some fans.

Third Callout: Christofer Drew

Send me a letter about the guys that you blew and that faggot you butt fucked, name is Cristofer Drew. How can you talk down on your biggest fan, your career is on it’s way down the garbage can.

Going after the lead singer of Never Shout Never, Fronz calls him out for making Bryan Stars cry during that infamous interview where Drew completely blasted Bryan at the end. While Drew apologized, the anger against him is still there.

Fourth Callout: Mike Reynolds, ex-rhythm guitarist for the band For Today

If you hate gay people you should get your ass beat. You’re a close-minded faggot bitch, kiss my feet! I don’t live for tomorrow and FUCK For Today, I tried to pray to god but I’m too busy gettin’ paid

Mike Reynolds came out at one point to promote the traditional marriage ideals of one man and one woman, which ultimately led to him leaving For Today. Fronz says if you think that gays don’t deserve those rights, you need to get beat, and you’re a bigot. He then claims that getting paid was more important than the personal message from For Today.

Fifth and final Callout: Westboro Baptist Church

Hey Westboro Baptist, FUCK YOU TOO! Come and protest this dick, faggots!

An amazing way to end the track, Fronz takes a shot at America’s most hated religious organization saying that they can come protest him if they disagree with his views.

The verdict on Callout? The perfect song for Attila. Easily the best track on the album, and the most controversial track as well.


Carrying over that trademark anger, the 11th track starts off heavy and showcases even more amazing lows. This track features another amazing scream rap and scream/clean alternations. The lyrical meaning is something like “you’ve gone and screwed me over, so I don’t care about you or your problems now.” The perfect way to end a friendship, courtesy of Attila.


This is a return to the party songs on the record, and features what is possibly the best scream rap from Fronz to date. I heard it in a preview, and I was blown away. Fronz has clearly been perfecting his trademark rap style, and it shows here. This is the perfect drinking anthem for any party, and is sure to be a party favorite.


Originally released as a stand-alone single which was premiered on the BryanStars Interview YouTube channel, it was re-recorded for release on About That Life. Proclaiming that the rageaholics are branded with 666 and partying with Satan himself, this track has some great instrumental work as always, and the vocals are top notch, which is to be expected already from this album.


The final track, this album is stating that they are the new kings in town, and if you don’t agree you can get the hell out. Talk is cheap, and this is a tack for the ones who doubted Attila on their rise to the top of the scene. Attila ends off this record with a big FU to the haters, and a proclamation of dominance over their inferiors competition. They do not forget any of the hate they received, and they will not forgive.

About That Life is simply put the greatest Attila album to date. A perfect mix of partying and destruction, with a hefty dose of controversy, this is sure to be a fast seller. The tracks that are performed on this year’s Warped Tour are guaranteed to be fan favorites. Be sure to get your copy of About That Life when it drops in stores and party on, rageaholics!

Instrumentals: 10/10
Lyrics: 10/10
Vocals: 10/10

Overall: 10/10

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