REVIEW: August Burns Red – “Rescue & Restore” (2013)


August Burns Red 
Rescue & Restore 
Solid State Records 
Most bands would either throw in the towel or take a well deserved break from music after hitting it big on charts, as we’ve all seen many do – but not August Burns Red.  After an almost decade long career, this band is still kicking – putting out most recently their album “Leveler,” which rose to number eleven on the Billboard 200 in the hard rock category and number two in the rock category.  It would seem like things just could possibly get better with this and their constant touring, including their most recent addition to this year’s Van’s Warped Tour on the main stage – but that assumption would be wrong.  Shocking many, including myself, the band announced the coming album “Rescue & Restore” – and let me tell you, the shock only starts here. 
This album explores many different directions for the band – showing off sounds not often heard from them.  Many people have thought lately, many times proclaiming it into the open, that they think that August Burns Red has gotten “stale,” or that they seem to just be beating the same dead horse album-to-album, but I’m really convinced here that they’ll change their mind with “Rescue & Restore.”  While still keeping true to their roots with the sweet melodies, very technical and piercing riffs and incredible breakdowns they’re known for, the band also gives more of a progressive sound, one we’ve heard coming slowly out of the shadows from them in the last couple of albums.  Don’t be surprised to hear a few pieces of violin, piano, cello, and even some spoken word in these songs – it truly is a culmination of everything August Burns Red has worked for and worked on.  Not only that, but it goes even heavier than you’ve heard these guys go before – the guitars are blistering, the drums are strong enough to shake you, and the vocals are absolutely devastating, hitting highs and lows that I didn’t even know were possible for August Burns Red.  While some might be a bit peeved with a few of the more instrumental parts in the middle of songs, some of those pieces being, honestly, a bit slow and almost dragging on at times, I think people will be more pleased and blown away by what this album has to offer rather than being bored by what it doesn’t – which really isn’t much. 
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