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REVIEW: Awake At Last – Questions (Single)

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Awake At Last – “Questions” Single Review By

Awake At Last released their new single today (09/25/2015), “Questions,” accompanied with a well-done visualized lyric video.

Overall, I am extremely impressed. To date, “Questions” is my favorite offering from Awake At Last by far. To me, this represents a milestone and a brand new direction for the band. The song is hard-hitting, driving, and hooks you from the opening few seconds of the track. Vincent Torres takes a different approach to vocals this time around, showing off his range. In a way, I heard elements of Matthew Bellamy of Muse fame in there. Imran Xhelili and Eric Blackway’s guitars sound meaty and full of what I could only describe as this hypnotic, head-banging energy; complimented greatly by the tightness between Jon Finney’s technical style approach to drumming on this song along with Tyler Greene’s fitted bass lines. I am so excited to say that I cannot wait to hear what comes next from these guys.

“Questions” by Awake At Last was produced and mixed by Mike Watts (The Dear Hunter/Story Of The Year/Adelita’s Way), and has done a superb job in doing so. You could easily tell that Awake At Last had a plan going in, and executed it perfectly. Make sure you check out the video below and purchase the song via their Bandcamp here:

Lyrics: 5/5

Instrumentals: 5/5

Creativity: 5/5

Performance: 5/5

Replay Value: 5/5

Final Score: A+