Review: Ben Draiman – The Past is Not Far Behind



Artist: Ben Draiman
Album: The Past is Not Far Behind
Rating: 10/10


Track List:

1. Soon Enough
2. Avalanche
3. 21 Seconds
4. Would You Know Love
5. Overcome
6. Taken For Granted


Ben Draiman is a rising star in the alternative rock scene. My first exposure to his music was the video for “Avalanche” which I fell in love with immediately. I took to Facebook to spread the word and, to my surprise, he added me shortly afterward. Let me tell you, musicians have contact with their fans, sure, but this guy goes the extra mile to really connect and get involved with his fans. His new EP “The Past is Not Far Behind” is a breath of fresh air to the rock scene. His vocal ability is absolutely extraordinary and the musicians he has working with him are at an incredible caliper. So, without further ado, here is my review of “The Past is Not Far Behind”.

Soon Enough: Starting off with a fairly slow piano-oriented intro and Ben’s outstanding vocals, “Soon Enough” is the perfect opening track to this perfect piece of history. Once the track starts picking up, you start to catch the story being told. This is a track about letting go. Letting go is always hard to do, regardless of what people say. A person can pretend all they want, but in reality they are hurting one way or another. This track deals with the struggles and the emotions that come with having to do so.

Avalanche: As I mentioned earlier, this was my first exposure to his music and I fell in love with it immediately. The vocals in this track are absolutely beautiful, powerful and heartfelt. This track again, begins with a piano intro which brings the it together that much better. “Avalanche” is a track about having the weight of the world on your shoulders and it crashing down. It’s a track about self-discovery and about pushing to better yourself. There’s so much that’s demanded of us by so many, it all gets overwhelming. In the end, it makes you feel empty and like no one truly cares about what you want. If you push forward, you will find that you have the strength to be the person you want to be, even with no one pushing you along. Don’t get discouraged and definitely don’t give up, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

21 Seconds: This track seems, to me, to be about finding God. “21 Seconds” is a song about the time it takes to pray and how it feels when you lose faith. Once that happens, you feel the need to pray again and the process will repeat for the rest of your life. Once you give your life over to Him, all can be right again. Just have faith. Let go and let God, as they say.

Would You Know Love: This track is another about finding God. The one true, unconditional love you will find is His. You think you know love, it makes you happy and it makes you feel complete. There is always a possibility of losing it, though. Regardless of how you feel about God, he will never feel hate towards you and will love you regardless of what you do. This track is asking the questions we have all been asked.

Overcome: This track is a slow, beautiful piano-driven orchestral piece. You can definitely feel the religious tone throughout this entire album and this track is no exception. Ben Draiman, as I’ve learned from speaking with him, is a very religious person and that is evident in his music. This track is about finding the strength to overcome everything through faith.

Taken For Granted: This track is about all the things we take for granted and how they will not always be there. “Life is just too precious to waste it on such petty little things. Nevermind the darkness, when there’s something worth believing. Find a way to rise above the pain you’re concealing. Fight until there’s nothing left and then fight a little more” This is another track with a very religious meaning. “We are living on borrowed time” In the end, all the things we bought or had or that we took for granted will be gone. All that’s going to be left is our souls. Don’t ever lose sight of your faith, because in the end it will be all you have left.

Final Thoughts:

This EP is absolutely incredible. Ben’s voice resonates with such meaning and emotion and you can feel the power behind every word he sings. I’m definitely a fan now and I hope, once you listen to the album or read this review, that you will be too. Go add him on Facebook and chat with him, he’s a really nice guy and I believe big things are in store for him. Go pick up your copy of “The Past is Not Far Behind” at his website and fall in love with music all over again!