REVIEW: The Birthday Massacre – Superstition

The Birthday Massacre - Superstition

Superstition” marks The Birthday Massacre’s sixth studio LP, released via Metropolis records. The Birthday Massacre launched a successful fan-funding campaign through PledgeMusic in order to create the album. After surpassing just over three times their original goal, it only goes to show that their fans keep wanting more. The Birthday Massacre have created something that not many people could say they have done in their entire lives. The Birthday Massacre has been able to develop a genre of music all their own, in which they continue to nourish and evolve over their now 15 year career.

The style of “Superstition” is closer to that of The Birthday Massacre’s last effort, “Hide and Seek,” rather than “Violet,” but each record they release takes on its own life. “Superstition,” to say the least, is hypnotizing; from Chibi’s melodic & beautiful cherub-like voice to the dark, yet upbeat synth and eerie instrumentals. The greatest thing about “Superstition” is that it is yet another fine example of how The Birthday Massacre cannot be pigeonholed into any one, two, three, four, or even five specific genres. They have somehow managed to combine gothic rock, new wave, dark wave, pop, metal, alternative, electronica, industrial, and synth rock all into one, seamless piece of art.

Superstition” puts you inside an abandoned, haunted faire; all alone, or so you think. There is a presence…something deep in the shadows following you, peering through you, creeping up on you. Yet, you cannot help but feeling so utterly alone…so frightened. Those feelings keep building and building up inside of you, until finally, that unknown passenger jumps out to confront you in “The Other Side.” The battle ensues, commences, and ultimately consumes you, while the final instrumental “Trinity,” sums up the end of the existence that you believed you knew.

There is something beautiful about an album that can elicit so many emotions and build up in such a way that you are able to spin your very own story through your listening experience. The Birthday Massacre claims that “Superstition” is their best album yet. I may not completely agree as they have brought us so much greatness throughout the years, but they certainly have created something truly unique and wonderful with “Superstition.”

Make sure you pick up The Birthday Massacre’s “Superstition” on 11/11/2014 in stores nationwide and/or digitally via iTunes/Amazon.

– MelodicEnmity