Review: Black Oxygen – Beating Time


Artist: Black Oxygen
Album: Beating Time
Rating: 10/10

Let’s flashback to 2012, I’m outside waiting to see one of my all-time favorite alternative rock bands, Smile Empty Soul with Hurt and these new guys I’d never heard of “Black Oxygen”. Needless to say, before the night was over I was a Black Oxygen fan both from their personalities and their live show. They came on and blew my mind… it had been some time since I went to a show and saw that much energy from a trio of musicians. Then, their set was over and I made my way over to meet them, get some autographs and chat with them a little bit. It was a night I never forgot. Here we are a little under 2 years later and they’ve just released one of the most mind-blowing sophomore albums I’ve heard in YEARS entitled Beating Time. I recently spoke with vocalist/lead guitarist/songwriter David Lyle about this album and he hyped me up for it the way he described the overall vibe of the album, the songs he chose to speak about and his excitement level. A couple weeks went by and I contacted their manager, Scott Taylor, who informed me that I would be blown away by this album if I enjoyed their debut, The American Dream. A few days later, it was sitting in my mailbox and I couldn’t wait to pop it into my computer and check it out.

From the opening riff in “Dirty Girl”, I knew I was hooked but I was in for quite a surprise. Let me tell you: It’s not often that I can go through an entire album and not skip a single track but Beating Time is one of those rare few. Each track is flawlessly executed, tells it’s own story and truly shows how remarkable this group of musicians is. The lead single, “Livin’ the Life”, for example, speaks of the rockstar lifestyle and living in the moment. It’s a great party track and I can bet that it amps up a crowd when they play it live. One of the more hard-hitting tracks on the album, though, is “Think About It” which has a semi-melancholy feel to it, but it’s really a beautiful reminiscent love song. I can’t sit here and talk about individual tracks on the album because the album is meant to be heard from start to finish. I can tell you that David’s claim about “As Time Ticks By” being the weirdest track they’ve ever done is spot on. I guarantee you will love the fun nature of it once you get into it, though.

To see how far these guys have come in just the 2 years that I discovered them is incredibly heartwarming. If you ever get a chance to see a Black Oxygen show, don’t pass it up because they will give you a night you’ll never forget. If you’ve checked out The American Dream and dug it or, even if you have never heard of Black Oxygen and you’re looking for something new… Beating Time has something that’s right for everyone. Be sure to pick up your autographed copy via their webstore or, if you’re more into the digital age, iTunes has it as well! It doesn’t matter how you do it, just do yourself a favor and pick yourself up a copy of Beating Time, out now on DreamStreet Records!

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