Review: Blacklist Union – Til Death Do Us Part


Artist: Blacklist Union
Album: Til Death Do Us Part
Rating: 10/10

LA’s Blacklist Union has been making waves since frontman Tony West formed the band in 2004. They’ve got 2 full-length albums under their belt and have a monumental lineup. Their debut album, “After the Mourning” is critically acclaimed worldwide and their follow-up to that, “Breakin’ Bread With the Devil” was met just as well! Now, they’re back with another bullet to put up your arsenal and they’re not holding anything back! This one was recorded with 3/4s of rock band Saliva and a former member of the band CRAZYTOWN (Yes, the band who put out the song “Butterfly” in the 90s). “Til Death Do Us Part” will put them on the map to a totally new breed of fans, as well as please the veterans. This is down-home, straight up Rock N Roll, with no disguises and plenty of surprises!

I know there are many out there who long for the type of rock these guys deliver, me being one of them. The radio is filled with overproduced, overplayed garbage that is just made to create revenue for many bands. Sadly, this is the direction that most genres are taking, but there are a few bands out there, like this one, who still do it for the love they have for the fans and the music! With tracks like “Alabama Slammer”, “Same Ol’ Pressure”, “Game Over” and more, BLU is proving that they refuse to sink that low for anyone! These tracks will hit you in the face like the fist from the beefy biker in all the bars that you DARE not piss off. The best part, you’re gonna want more from first listen, I guarantee that! The instrumentals are a new take on what many have come to expect in true rock music: Simply gritty guitars, great solos and drum beats that will have you banging your head! When you dive into the lyrics, you’ll get heartache, pain, happiness, drinking songs, and more. Intrigued yet? I thought so!

If you’re like me and long for what rock once was, you’ll wanna pick up “Til Death Do Us Part” to add to your collection! There’s not a bad song on the album and it’s relentless from start to finish!

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