Review – Blue October – I Hope You Are Happy


Artist: Blue October

Album: I Hope You Are Happy

Rating: 10/10



Blue October have led a path of fierce and dark themed music over the ages. “I Hope You Are Happy” brings a more artistic anesthetic than the previous fierce few albums we all know, but definitely throwing in that Blue October flair we love and can’t get enough of. The title track, “I Hope You Are Happy” according to Furstenfeld is, “..a shout out to that kid from high school you were buds with, that girl you used to date, just those people you’ve lost contact with and want to wish well” this is what he told me in our interview a few months back.

The first thing you have to understand that while Blue October can have dark themes it’s safe to say they can also bring the ladder of a sort a feeling of happiness like with their older hits of, “Into The Ocean” and “Calling You” and the same is true for the album, “I Hope You Are Happy” just as the title states.

Starting the album off with, “Daylight” we are introduced to a multitude of elements, a industrial/tech back beat and some echoing vocals in the background. Justin’s vocals are really a haunting element in this track bringing the track together and making it a great introduction to the album. This track encaptures how his key sounds have evolved and become more of a modern and mature element, and this is just the beginning, so strap in for the ride.

“Your Love Is Like A Car Crash” is one of the more artistic songs we are introduced to. The track is very solemn and noir. Justin has some emotion and conviction in his voice. He is bringing some soul into the track of inadequate affection and pain. There is an easy beat and it is a really classy track and is an excellent addition to this album.

The track, “I Want To Come Back Home” really seems to channel When In Rome’s, “The Promise” which Justin is known to cover from time to time. This is a really powerful song nonetheless of pleading to be where he feels right. I has a hard hitting chorus and bridge and has a emotional tempo.

Now we come to, “I’ll Do Me, You Do You” which while it has a happy like beat there is a clear message: Boundries. This key element makes it more or less a break-up song of sorts and it seems to come forth with some self discovery and confidence after going down a dark road in the subject of relationships.

“Colors Collide” is definitely a taste of Blue October’s past fierceness that we are familiar with. The track has an edgy delivery with echoing and slight haunting and aggressive vocals.

“I Hope
You’re Happy is about wishing your enemies well… anyone who’s touched my life, or I’ve touched your life—
life’s so short, and I hope you’re happy.”

Justin Furstenfeld,  Blue October

Overall, I will say Justin was correct in his declaration to me about the albumin his interview with me, he said:

I believe it’s my first work of art. Some people won’t understand it. You gotta listen and feel it..

He was clearly right because, “I Hope You Are Happy” is exactly that. A work of art. It delivers on a canon thats on an even deeper level than previous albums while still having that gnarly and sometimes fierce vocal delivery that only Justin and Blue October can bring to the table.


Official Video for, “I Hope You Are Happy”

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