This is an article that has been a long time coming. I reviewed and interviewed this band way back in the day when their EP had just debuted. I’m talking about none other the band Brand of Sacrifice. They have been on an insane climb in the deathcore scene. Skyrocketing off the success of their debut EP The Interstice, Brand of Sacrifice has been landing incredible things, like playing with Signs of The Swarm, Cattle Decapitation, you name it. They have been able to apart of some big-name shows in such a short period and have had their marketing and promotion on it’s A-Game since the start. They have been interactive with their fanbase and have managed to stay fresh and innovative. Now, we come to 2019 right after Independence Day in the US and behold, we have received an album. I saw its time we jump in and look at Brand of Sacrifice’s newest work: God Hand.

So, God Hand, if you were unaware is a reference to, you guessed it Berserk, and as such, the entirety of this album is as well. This is what the previously released EP did as well, as the band itself is an homage to Berserk, which is a manga created by Kentaro Miura, and tries to convey various parts of the story through its lyricism and displays the emotions and rawness of the words being uttered through it’s intense and hard-hitting instrumental work. The samples added also add a nice and wonderful sense of ambiance before crashing headfirst into a flurry of sounds that can only be described as just raw yet maintained to a degree. I wouldn’t say it is that much better than their EP, as every track on that did no wrong. On the album, there were no tracks that did any wrong either, but some just weren’t as likely to stick on the first listen. Again, not to take away the value of the track, because they are all wonderful, just might have needed a little more oomph if you will.

Talking about God Hand now regarding the different components that make up this album, we’ll start with the vocal work. Kyle Anderson has always been an insane vocalist, and this album shows no different. He achieves sounds that I have not heard come from very many vocalists, which is a nice touch to add to the uniqueness that is Brand of Sacrifice. The tones and techniques used in this only add more power to each track, which matches the tone and feel of Berserk and what all that story entails to a T. The mix on this is also stellar as well. Nothing is really drowned out and it is very crisp and clear. All in all, well done to Kyle and whoever did the mixing and mastering.

Now, the instrumentals. I spoke earlier that the work put into each track instrumentally was intense and full of energy. More specifically though, the guitar work feels like it has been amped up, the drums feel more robust, everything got an overhaul since The Interstice. Hearing this live, I can only imagine is a dream. The only band I could pair this band up with as using a similar style of instrumental work is probably Humanity’s Last Breath, both bands are amazing and signed with none other than the head honcho of deathcore nowadays it seems, Unique Leader. The mixing and mastering on this were also done to perfection. Very happy that the wait has been worth it for this album to come out.

In closing, Brand of Sacrifice has shown themselves to be a force not to be reckoned with as they are blasting their way to popularity each day. They likely won’t be running out of material anytime soon as Berserk has recently has gone back into production, so they will always have inspiration for new work, I’m certain. I hope to see this band continue to thrive and make more content that is just as hard-hitting. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Brand of Sacrifice is one of the bands that was needed to push Deathcore in the right direction. Check out their social media, merch, etc down below. Good job guys, keep up the great work!


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