Review: Breached – Left Behind


Artist: Breached
Album: Left Behind
Rating: 5/5


Canada breeds a lot of good hard rock bands! Art of Dying was the first I heard of, back in 2006, and they have just kept churning them out ever since! Breached is another one I had never heard of prior to receiving the promo for their new EP, but I’m glad it was sent! They definitely deserve a spot among the top bands of their genre! Their new EP, “Left Behind” is well-structured, well-written and well-executed in every way! The band consists of 4 incredibly talented musicians: Bobby Noakes (Vocals), Mike Diesel (Guitar), Ryan Alexander (Bass) and Neil Uppal (Drums). You can tell, just from listening to a few seconds of their music, that they are masters of their crafts!

If I had to compare this band to anyone, I would say maybe older Hoobastank. The sound is similar, but it definitely keeps its originality. Highlights of the EP are: “Left Behind”, “Brighter Days” and the closing track, “Here With Me”, all for various reasons. “Left Behind” is the perfect opener and really sets the scene for what you’re about to hear throughout the EP. “Brighter Days” has a slower vibe to it and is beautiful instrumentally, lyrically and vocally. “Here With Me” is the perfect close-out track because it combines what you’ve heard and sort of mixes it up. In some parts of the song, you get a faster tempo, but in the verses it’s slower and more beautiful like “Brighter Days”. The surprising part on this track is the screams that seem to come from nowhere; absolutely incredible!

Overall, I would recommend this band AND this EP to any fan of the rock genre. So what are you waiting for? Go pick up your copy of “Left Behind” now and see what all the hype is about!

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